Saturday, 29 September 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 120927 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

#LibreOffice Conference, Berlin (Germany), 17–19/Oct/2012 - project now two years old - #freesw

Automated calls, fraud and the banks: a mismatch made in hell - turns out #banks are greedy and stupid

California passes groundbreaking #opentextbook legislation - great; others follow suit, pl.

Internet Giant Builds Web of Influence in Berlin - #googleramps up #lobbying (v @evgenymorozov)

Eye in the Sky: #Drones Help Conserve Sumatran #Orangutans & Other Wildlife - great to see this kind of use (v @BoraZ)

Texas Municipal Officials Fight 'Open Meeting Act,' Get Shot Down By Fifth Circuit Court - good stuff #transparency

UK gov asked just 15 companies about snooping plans -'s view irrelevant (v @ralpost)

ACLU forces government to reveal skyrocketing #surveillance stats - they're all at it

Flying Robots Cooperate, Throw and Catch Balls - if this doesn't worry you, you're not paying attention... #drones

EU-Projekt #CleanIT: Projektleiter verteidigt Online-Terrorbekämpfung - tech experts unconvinced 

Conroy - red underpants on your head - here's a droll little meme from #australia #OpRedUndies 

Chinese rail ministry on the defense as $52m ticketing website is widely reviled - even the chinese have probs with sw

$99 Raspberry Pi-sized “#supercomputer” as Kickstarter project -  26 gigaflops; runs #ubuntu; wow (v @opensourcerer)

re UK snooping bill, it was @julianhuppert who spoke to 15 cos. against bill, not Home Office. thanks to @willhowells for clarification

EU Open #Voluntarism Consultation: Your Views - closes today (whoops - sorry...) #acta #cleanit

The great DNA fishing trip - UK police still using this tool too broadly #privacy #surveillance

Australian Securities & Investment Commission wants open sesame on all phone, internet data - that slippery slope again

Draft UK #libel law forces websites to axe mudslinging comments - the devil is in the details

Civil watchdog objects to tender published by Polish ministry - "for a specific proprietary computer operating system"

UK shale gas is more lead balloon than silver bullet - a dog (v @GeorgeMonbiot)#fracking

Pollutants linked to ‘fracking’ found in Wyoming groundwater again - more #fracking fun (v @kaatje36)

"Kein Steuergeld für #CleanIT aus Österreich" - so there (v @netzpolitik)#at

Royal Library: Public Interests Over Private - great to see sensible approach to #hostageworks (v @sivavaid @ARLpolicy)

original announcement of the #GNU Project, posted 29 years ago by #RMS, on September 27, 1983 - (v @schestowitz)

OpenForum Academy 2012 conference proceedings - off the digital presses; cc-by-sa 3.0

All Fair Use And No License Fees Makes Room 237 An Interesting Test Case - indeed

Why Everyone Should Care About #DRM's Punishment Of The Visually Impaired - this time, it's personal #copyright

Guerillas on London Transport - many of these are utterly brilliant (v @Thayer @Rchards)#tube

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