Saturday, 30 June 2012


[RT] #London Police Want To Crowdsource Guilt-Free #Surveillance - Bentham would be proud 

UNESCO World OER Congress releases 2012 Paris OER Declaration - moar #OER...

Calling Dr. Google - interesting tale

An2An Keyboard - clever #android

ACTAfacts? ACTAfiction? Or Just Unsourced Pro-#ACTA Propaganda Purporting To Be Objective? - desperate or what?

Intellectual Ventures Loses Its Shine: Will Its Business Model Ever Work? - I think we know the answer to that #trolls

Ex-NHS chief Gary Walker 'being gagged' - disgraceful: enquiry needed here (v @bengoldacre)#transparency

5 years of #GPLv3 - interesting point about licence compatibility

Most Blatant Pro-#ACTA Campaign So Far Is A Copyright Monopoly Violation - laws only apply to you & me #hypocrisy

Anonymous Courtroom Notes Raise Serious Questions About SurfTheChannel Conviction - any lawyers got views on claims?

Please help us Free Bassel, #opensource developer and CC volunteer - worrying stuff #syria

Making calls is fifth most frequent UK smartphone activity, according to O2 - computers with phones, not vice versa

#TPP viewed with skepticism - "#China sees it as US conspiracy to interfere with its international rise"; it is

RT @fcouchet Some hours left to call MEP about software patents and ACTA

Countries That Don't Put In Place Copyright Regimes The US Likes May Be Deemed 'Cybersecurity Concerns' - ah, the stick

Europe Reaches Agreement On Unitary Patent - bad news; here's why -

WTO Rules Against Yet Another U.S. Consumer Protection Policy - "will only intensify public opposition to #TPP"

Big e-reader is watching you - something to bear in mind#ebooks

Websites Deemed 'Place Of Public Accommodation' Under ADA; Expects Lots Of Sites To Get Sued - crazy copyright probs?

Revealed: the scale of sexual abuse by #police officers - (v @PoliceStateUK @bc_tmh)

Agreement On EU Unitary Patent Reached - good detailed analysis (v @netzpolitik)

RT @dozykraut EU Software-Patent "inventors" by country if this doesn't scare EU SMEs, nothing will. ‪#swpats‬ 

Softwarepatente in Europa - Worum geht es? - lots of good background (v @dozykraut)#swpats

How Extending #Patent Protection For Antibiotics Creates Perverse Incentives To Render Them Useless - & that's not good

UK's 3-Strikes Plan Continues To Grind Through The System; Still Not In Force, Still Awful - still a disgrace #deact

USTR Rejects Rep. Issa's Request To Observe #TPP Negotiations - such arrogance

Support Grows for Open Access to Science Research - and how #openaccess

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