Friday, 29 June 2012


#ACTA slammed by Australian Parliamentary Committee - finally turning in #AU too? (v @Asher_Wolf)

Research Shows: You Don't Need Patents To Disclose Information - important point

Xocai chocolate marketers threaten skeptic blogger's family and forces him to remove article - queue Streisand effect -

#Dotcom search warrants declared illegal - wow, really getting interesting this story

#ACTA endangers innovation and fundamental rights -'s  open letter to The President of the European Parliament

UK #OpenData White Paper: Unleashing the Potential - in #ODT format too – kudos

Afripedia collaboration expands offline Wikipedia in #Africa - great movesAfripedia collaboration expands offline Wikipedia in #Africa - great moves

"Another bit of flesh dropped off the decaying zombie that is #ACTA" - The Reg, of course...

Stop Software Patents in Europe [Updated] - important new info for MEPs re vote next week - pl. pass on to them #swpats

Texas Republicans (literally) want to ban critical thinking -"challenging the student’s fixed beliefs": uh-huh...

Current EU consultations of importance to #digitalrights - much is going on at the moment...

1 Million to Ban the #Lion Trade - the selfish stupidity never ends #epetition

Exceptionally Troubling Ruling In The UK: Owners Of Links Site Guilty Of 'Conspiracy To Defraud' - not good

Nature Publishing Group introduces #CC BY option - that's good: other publishers follow suit, pl. #openaccess

‘Responsible soy’ nominated for Belgian Greenwash award - seems well deserved #wwf

#Exxon's CEO: #Climate, energy fears overblown - tell that to your grandchildren (v @dcarli)

Laser Light Show To Inaugurate The Shard - I'm disappointed they won't be playing any Philip Glass... #london

Engendering Change? Gender Advocacy in #OpenSource - of interesting points

What's Behind Canada's Entry to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks? - good question; interesting answer #tpp

UK Government Release #OpenData White Paper and new Data.Gov.UK - nice screenshots of latter

Help us build a School of Open - how could we refuse?

UK Ministers consult public on 'opt in for smut' plans - "Just tick here, sir, in the 'I am a pervert' box"; quite 

#Qualcomm restructures due to concerns over impact of open source licenses on patents - decides to become irrelevant

Hull teacher admits insulting school pupils on Facebook -, so? are we such complete weeds? (v @DavidAllenGreen)

US Copyright Office, MPAA Celebrate Handing Hollywood Stars Their Own Special #Copyright #Monopoly Powers - twisted

Digital Economy Act: What will Granny think? - raises some excellent points - especially about UK general elections...

NAFTA on Steroids - excellent summary: "#TPP is mainly about new corporate rights, not trade". recommended

Why Louis CK and Amanda Palmer are the future of content - oh yes, you'd better believe it

USPTO Official Misleads Congress on Permissible Scope of Compulsory Licenses to Increase Access to Medicines - tut-tut

Analyzing #Kickstarter: What succeeds, by how much and how often - this is really valuable

A Step-by-Step Guide to Tribal Leadership: Part 1: The Five Stages of Tribal Culture - intriguing

6 Politicians Who Deleted Their Healthcare Tweets -; we all do it...

Free Culture Is The Response To The Ethical Failings Of The Old Entertainment Industry - great analyses

Google Compute Engine - "lets you run #Linux Virtual Machines (VMs) on the same infrastructure that powers Google"

New UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser: - Sir Mark Walport: big fan of #openaccess - yay (v @alokjha @BoraZ)

Microsoft Said To Plan Xbox Music Rivaling Apple, Spotify - coming Real Zune, apparently...

"Google wants Android to be everywhere" - and that means that Linux will be everywhere...

Texas college hacks drone in front of DHS - not a US gov#drone - that's coming soon... (v @AnonyOps @birgittaj)

UK Courts Rule American Law Enforcement has Jurisdiction Over UK Use of UK Websites on UK Servers! - (v @doctorow) huh?

#London Police Want To Crowdsource Guilt-Free #Surveillance - Bentham would be proud 

The Looting of #China by the Kleptokapitalist Bourgeoisie Roaders - staggering stuff, if confirmed (v @boingboing)

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