Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Leaked documents reveal UK fight to dilute EU green energy targets -http://bit.ly/M3okql insane & shameful (v @GeorgeMonbiot)

Мои публикации за последние пару лет - http://bit.ly/KXad8g useful list of articles on #opengov and #opendata in #russia

River Pageant, alternative view - http://bit.ly/Lfvo2r lots of pix of the more personal side of things yesterday #diamondjubilee

#AU: "we have not sought to quantify the benefits of the #TPP negotiations" -http://bit.ly/LeNA1B negotiation by blind faith (v @MsLods)

Meet the Corporate Front Groups Fighting to Make Sure You Can't Know What's in Your Food - http://bit.ly/KXcgsR #monsanto & friends #us

Canadian signs warn drivers to slow down in English & Chinese -http://bit.ly/MbdoKK how long before this happens elsewhere? (v @ChinesePod)

Oklahoma Doctor Refuses To Provide Rape Victim With Emergency Contraception - http://bit.ly/LePcbS should be struck off for dereliction

Development Arguments Against #ACTA - http://bit.ly/K9gue6 important vote in#DEVE this evening (v @quota_atypique @StopActaNow)

Canadian budget to make environmental impact statements optional, class eco-groups as money-launderers - http://bit.ly/KqaJPx crazy #ca

Urgent: Last Chance to Save True #OpenStandards in UK - http://bit.ly/L0YKEYanyone can submit to this, not just UK:  please RT

Banned in #China on #Tiananmen anniversary: 6, 4, 89 and ‘today’ -http://bit.ly/Lfg1g1 scaredy-cats much?

Beyond the #BBCMicro - http://bit.ly/KEEYQR how can we rekindle that pioneering spirit - and broaden it? #openness #sharing

UK #OpenStandards Holiday Deadline - http://bit.ly/LgrZ3q lots of good links to give you ideas for your submission today </hint, hint>

On Avaaz - http://bit.ly/KqKF6R raises important questions: I hope #avaazresponds soon (v @evgenymorozov)

#Denmark’s balancing act on the issue of #whaling - http://bit.ly/LftaFS #dktrying hard to make itself scorned by civilised people...

It’s happening. Forests are growing in the Arctic tundra thanks to climate change… - http://bit.ly/L7b1G5 good news, bad news (v @yakutia)

Non-Financial Endowments 4 Public-Benefit Organizations? - http://bit.ly/LfIH8z"I would like to help Internet Archive thrive" (v @mlinksva)

Bloomberg’s big bite for billions of legal dollars - http://bit.ly/L21MJ6 maybe#law should be next target for #openaccess 

I'm listening to #DEVE, but have no idea how things are going with #ACTA vote - anyone know? can we say yet? 

someone trying to derail #ACTA vote in #DEVE with procedural nonsense - wants to wait for #ECJ judgement

Development Committee in European Parliament also rejects #ACTA -http://bit.ly/LrXmu4 "We’re winning, but only because we’re fighting."

25,000 signatures and still rolling: Implications of the White House petition -http://bit.ly/L7gGMr good review of great result #openaccess

The interesting thing about cutting costs - http://bit.ly/JGSrn3 nicely cerebral analysis of why #RIM is toast

Dear Hollywood: The 'Stakeholders' For Copyright Policy Don't Fit In A Room -http://bit.ly/Lg5ykx such a key point 

Not Only Can You 'Compete With Free' You Have To If You Don't Want Your Business Overrun By Piracy - http://bit.ly/MtpP7B - obviously

#Amazon #Publishing Acquires Family-Owned Book Publisher -http://on.mash.to/KaXagq how long before it is biggest publisher?

#FreeTHOMAS - http://bit.ly/NcYEgo "Does information about legislation belong to Congress or to American people?" well, obvs (v @EllnMllr)

O intelectual está morto. Viva o internectual - http://bit.ly/KYNb0S"internectual" sounds vaguely salacious...

Top Torrent Sites Respect Copyright Takedowns, Just Like Google -http://bit.ly/KYNubX so much for the "net as wild west" meme...

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