Sunday, 3 June 2012


'Hack The Real World And Share The Results' - perhaps Moglen's best speech so far: do not miss #sharing #youth

Online piracy inevitable: AFACT - only if they make it so by their #pigheadedness #au

Once is not enough: veteran Google Summer of Code students - interesting analysis #opensource

"We Encouraged People To Learn To Program And Just Look At What Happened" - ha!

Pro-smoking activists threaten and harass health campaigners - says it all

#HTML5 Audio: #MIDI API Editor's Draft posted - oooh, cool (v @superglaze @TomDavenport)

Don't Read Andrew Keen's Book - You'll Harm His Identity -! #curmudgeons

The Game of #ACTA: Mid-Battle Analysis, Next Actions - analysis, & something we need to take now

#epetition: free Net access to scientific journal articles from taxpayer-funded research - only 1100 more names needed

Why free software has poor usability, & how to improve it - to see lots of concrete suggestions (v @jackschofield)

Canadian #Copyright police launch crackdown - "Oddly, the fees double if there's dancing." dancing uses more copyright?

EU Commission to present regulation on electronic identity cards - no "EU-wide obligation to introduce eID schemes"

The rise of libre #openaccess - really important development

Light Table - a new IDE concept - successfully funded on#kickstarter; "core of Light Table be open sourced" #devs

Profit-Driven Surveillance and the Spectrum of Freedom -; don't miss (v @boingboing)

Not a fan of the big #Bitly revamp? Here are 9 alternatives - sadly, I shall probably be exploring these soon...

Loughborough professor calls for 'open-source banking' - (v @petersuber)

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