Thursday, 7 June 2012


#Germany Increases 'You Are All Pirates' Tax On Solid State Media By 2000% - yeah, sounds fair

#Arduino based Quadrotor on a PCB - no cats were harmed in the making of this device

#springergate: SpringerImages should be closed down until they mend it. - fighting words 

World #IPv6 Launch: Keeping the Internet growing - now that's the kind of IP I can appreciate; long overdue

Alibaba unveils the Haier Zing, a $157 smartphone launching in #China mid-June - #android-based

La préfecture de Paris perd 75 000 circulaires du Parti Pirate - what an amazing coincidence it's only pirates

Media industry shake-up delayed to save Jeremy Hunt from embarrassment - what a total farce this has become (v @coadec)

Help To Save The World: Go Online - ignore the cyber-curmudgeons: keep calm and carry on(line)

Bad day for #LinkedIn: 6.5 million hashed passwords reportedly leaked – change yours now - whoops

EU decision-makers for less #transparency - exactly wrong: shame on them all

Recording Industry Data Shows #Canada a Global Leader For Paid Digital Downloads - not a nation of pirates, as painted

The Shameful Alliance Deepens - Craig Murray on #nato's dodgy deals with #uzbekistan

#Phorm taking even more money for ad targeting dream, now in China - marriage made in heaven?

Test your IPv6 readiness: - </sad face>: no IPv6 from my ISP... (v @technollama)

Piraten schließen Gehälter für Vorstände nicht mehr aus - pains #de

Berners-Lee: World Finally Realizes Web Belongs To No One - alas, governments don't...

Shut Up and Take My Money: Fans Should Hire Artists - #patronage for the connected age #crowdsourcing

Legal basis of the unitary patent: do not play with fire! - like a disaster waiting to happen #eu

Agreement on EU Directive on #orphan works - hmm, but is it any good...? (v @skreilly)

openrelief - Open, modular, information solutions for disaster relief; working on #linux-based #drone

USPTO/DOC's liberal and misleading definition of IP-Intensive industries is designed to influence policy debates -

UNDP, UNAIDS Briefing Paper Warns Against TRIPS-Plus Provisions in FTAs - lookin' at you, #TPP

Internet killing porn - that disintermediation gets everywhere

Stop #ACTA Protests 09.June 2012 - rather nice map of all that's going on (v @Falkvinge)

MLA Shift on Copyright - important win for #openaccess in humanities. NB: value in "the curation of the issue"

North Korean Study Confirms It: People Will Share, Whatever The Risks - which is why #ACTA#TPP etc won't work

Julian Assange vs Rupert Murdoch - RAP NEWS 13: A News Hope - fun (v @jerezim)

Google gets the jump on better 3D maps with a "fleet of planes" - whoa, exciting

Is the U.S. Setting Precedents in its #Drone Wars? - than that: it's already lost any moral high ground it had

#Mozilla Thimble preview - " designed to grab the interest of 8 – 14 year olds and to invite them to start making" nice

Sezion lets anyone #collaborate on a song, could be the Instagram for amateur musicians - interesting

Schulman: “If you copy my novel, I’ll kill you” - uh-huh....#copyright

Forscher entziffern Embryo-Genom aus Blut und Speichel der Eltern - this will be huge one day #mooreslaw #dna

On the (alleged) #LinkedIn password leak - don't panic? some words of caution and context

Model Live-Tweets Married Actor Trying To Hook Up With Her On A Plane - this is splendid (v Dirk Hohndel)

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