Sunday, 10 June 2012


Thank You Hater! - by Clever Pie and @isabelfay- utterly brilliant - don't miss (v @DavidAllenGreen)#ThankYouHater

"Today we demand our freedom of speech and rejection of #ACTA. We can win this" - stirring stuff

important: today is the day we can help stop #ACTA. please join a demo near you if you can -  please RT

Is Microsoft Allowing Ubuntu Linux on Azure without a Patent Deal? - good question

30 Jennifer Higdon Recordings on Spotify - interesting stuff

Temporary Paywall Removals Only Highlight The Fundamental Paradox Of Paywalls - good point

Libraries losing patience with DCMS over #DEAct, help with FOI? - good bit of FOI work here

Meine Rede gegen #ACTA - well & concisely put by @netzpolitik pl. don't forget today's demos - 

free copy of "Share or Die" - strategies for a shared, post-austerity world - important & free: what more do you want?

Anti-#ACTA Protests Expected In Two Dozen Countries; Parliament Opposition Rises - good background to today's demos

#Ubuntu on #Android Computex 2012 - this is the future of personal computing: I want now...

#EU member states refuse nomination ex-#Monsanto employee for EFSA management board - hopeful sign (v @Beautyon_)

A call for open lab and reusable lab protocols - worth thinking about... (v @CameronNeylon)#opensource

#Acta macht nackta - strange, it wasn't like this in #londontoday... (v @StopActaNow‏@tobiasgriebel)

MailOnline’s Martin Clarke: “Ooh, look at the badger with the gun, everyone!” - yup #uk #leveson

In Five Years, Most Africans Will Have Smartphones - #androids #africa

#Indonesia arrests two pro-independence activists - more bad stuff #westpapua (v @suigenerisjen @Asher_Wolf)

Stopp #ACTA - Demo am 9.6.12 in Berlin - #berlin shows us how it's done

Das Drama der "verwaisten Werke" - how the EU's#orphanworks initiative has been neutered to uselessness - & by whom

HPC Research Projects Find Muscle in Linux Lab Partner - want #bigscience? then you need big #linux

MT @beabusaniche para los que preguntan, confirmo, robaron a ‪#Stallman‬. >>bad news: #RMS robbed of computer, $ & medicine in #argentina

Why Twitter Matters: Tomorrow’s Knowledge Network -  good analysis (v @researchremix @dupuisj @rkeil)

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