Tuesday, 19 June 2012


new forums for discussing Communications Data Act, #'ACTA & #TPP (& how to combat them) - http://bit.ly/Lqj19X set up by @wendycockcroft

'#Openaccess' move puts thousands of UK jobs at risk - http://bit.ly/MAt1vA#oa has arrived if the #dailymail is attacking it (v @McDawg)

Ebook Sales Surpass Hardcover for First Time in U.S. -http://on.mash.to/L8320G it's happening #publishing

Can I Sue You People? Troll Lawyer Sues The Charities The Oatmeal Supports - http://tcrn.ch/MYD4YE spectacularly stupid

top 500 supercomputers June 2012 - http://bit.ly/KGqt1d #Linux now has 92.4%

Want to meddle with IP rights? Use the law, not amended regulations -http://bit.ly/MlZVfl quite: really dangerous move

More transparency into government requests - http://bit.ly/Kvjabs #google doing the right thing here, shining light on murky takedowns

Join the Twitterstorm - http://bit.ly/N8DEqn nice use of #socialmedia#endfossilfuelsubsidies 

EU court backs environmentalists in pesticide case - http://bit.ly/MkzjgU and so it goes on

#China goes Alt with root proposal - http://bit.ly/NJwREB "Because the DNS doesn’t scale"; yeah, right

#Mozilla takes aim at the iPad browser market with its 'Junior' prototype -http://vrge.co/MAuRwp more cool stuf

Thames cable car opens for passengers on 28 June - http://bbc.in/MAv5ne just in time for the #London ski-ing season

Mister Rinaudo will die Wüste stoppen - http://bit.ly/KGuina heartening tale#africa

Spanish Supreme Court rules in favour of #Google search engine -http://bit.ly/KNgQtb good, sensible ruling (v @copyrightgirl)#copyright

#ACTA Showdown Coming Up – Man Your Barricades - http://bit.ly/M0cXVv the penultimate battle: #INTA committee

Blocking Gun Laws With Patents - http://bit.ly/P9H2R7 made for each other: gun nuts and intellectual monopoly maximalists...

Stopping #ACTA#INTA Committee - http://bit.ly/KWu2tY nearly there: pl. start phoning & emailing MEPs, and RT

Slovak Collecting Society Sends Village Invoice For Singing Folk Song About Itself - http://bit.ly/PaNtDw sadly, not a joke... #sk

OSI Welcomes New Affiliates, Opens For Affiliate Applications -http://bit.ly/KGQWvP OSI continues to evolve

The Battle over C-11 Concludes: How Thousands of Canadians Changed The#Copyright Debate - http://bit.ly/MliouE good summary of complex area

Debunking #cybercrime myths - http://bit.ly/M0H8vF important early work that seeks the facts

The Communications Data Bill (first look) - http://bit.ly/KvBlh8 best analysis so far of dangers that lurk within #uk #surveillance

Protect BBC Independence - http://bit.ly/N9zuOU 38 Degrees #epetition on maintaining BBC's political independence

The limits of #openness - http://bit.ly/Mnjzrs what happens when openness & privacy collide? #openstreetmap #drones

RT @teirdes about 350 e-mails asking me to reject #acta in #inta on thursday. >>come on people, we can do better than that...

Step Aside, RIM: #Samsung Wants Your Customers to Use the Galaxy S III -http://on.mash.to/Mnq1if shrewd move into enterprise; awful for #RIM

File Sharing and the Greek Crisis - http://bit.ly/KfExZz fascinating analysis, especially of moral rights in context of #P2P #gr

US Welcomes Mexico as New #TPP Negotiating Partner -http://1.usa.gov/KO5F3k big: US clearly trying to get more supporters on board (v @mgeist)

Thoughts on the UK coalition govt mass surveillance bill - http://bit.ly/LA6b4ngood thoughts on bad ideas

IBM's Sequoia is world's fastest supercomputer - http://bit.ly/NHbFAk & #Linuxhas 92.4% - oh wait, that's not in the article; for a change.

#Copyright and "intellectual disobedience" - http://oreil.ly/Lxrt4f interview with the always-interesting @ninapaley

Warum wir gegen #ACTA sind - http://bit.ly/Mj8cVu a reminder

Seth Godin Funds New Book on Kickstarter in Under 3 Hours -http://on.mash.to/M1OPSq the future of #publishing

MPAA / RIAA Ponder Suing Persistent BitTorrent Pirates -http://bit.ly/M1PiUz& you thought 6-strikes would be harmless? #us

Irish #Bloomsday Celebrations Finally Possible Without Threat Of Copyright Claims From James #Joyce Estate - http://bit.ly/Pe79pW this long?

Forget Edison: This is How History's Greatest Inventions Really Happened -http://bit.ly/KOJOsz aka: why patents are based on flawed premise

Internet freedom in #Ireland: apathy is not a policy - http://bit.ly/MJqrjk true statement

#Dell Extends #Ubuntu Retail into India - http://bit.ly/MoGYZA fab: pity they couldn't do it in the UK

La Ley #Sinde-Wert comienza a actuar contra webs de enlaces en España -http://bit.ly/MJsUKP a waste (v @jmcest @carmen_ta @mediatelecom)

NSA: It Would Violate Your Privacy to Say If We Spied on You -http://bit.ly/La24kz utterly shameless (v @jmcest)

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