Monday, 25 June 2012


ha ha - "only 16% of respondents prefer “haitch” over “aitch”, while 84% prefer “aitch”..."; nice piece #linguistics

Jumping the Olympic® shark - yup (v @timoreilly @whiteafrican)#london2012

E-Diplomacy map shows which leaders talk to each other on #Twitter - fascinating 

PayPal Bans #BitTorrent Friendly VPN Provider - another reason to avoid #paypal like the plague; payplague...?

Vanishing Voices - "sayings & often even single words encase centuries of close observation of species" #linguistics

We love your work… now show us your workings - yup: the next #openaccess battle -

In Defense of Free Music: A Generational, Ethical High Road - brilliant - best piece I've read on topic (v @qco)

On the threshold of a dream? #Patents and computer-implemented business methods in Europe - what a mess: read & weep

Release of cancer figures marks an era of open data - more good #opendata moves by uk gov - kudos (v @McDawg)

Social Distance and the Patent System - good point, often overlooked #patents

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