Saturday, 2 June 2012


#EU Politicians Snub European Commission: Do Not See IP Protection As Key To Internal Security Strategy - ouch

Confirmed: US and Israel created Stuxnet, lost control of it - fascinating tale (v @robinwauters)#windows

Journalist Martin Lewis hits the jackpot as Moneysavingexpert sold for £87m - well deserved (v @tonyrcollins)

Anti-Piracy Boss: TV Fans Are Unreasonable For Wanting Content Quicker - how dare they be passionate

Bilderberg Meetings: Final List of Participants - the names say it all: not the 1% but the 0.000001% (v @Beautyon_) 

End of a fishing expedition - "Judge Alsup is a modern hero": hear, hear

Towards a Wikipedia for signed languages - what a truly great idea

#Visa forces ATMs at Olympics venues to close - greed & contempt "verified by visa"  #london2012 (v Alan Cox)

Help us in mapping the future of digital infrastructure in the #UK - online survey #openscience #bigdata

Orange stops overblocking GigaOM – but won’t say why - the tip of the iceberg

Darth Vader Is The Most Successful Star Wars Character Ever, But Still No Return Of The Jedi Residuals For Actor -

#Openaccess will bankrupt us, publishers’ report claims - profit margin down from 30% to 29% (v @McDawg)

"W3C Recommendations are all published with a royalty free license"  - (v @jdforrester @swardley)#openstandards

Microsoft softens July licence blow - now only requires an arm and part of your leg (v @webmink) #licensing

#Openstandards? You'll know one when you see one, says Microsoft - wonderful interview with Mutkowski - don't miss

Chinese Microblog Service Introduces Five-Strike Program To Block 'Rumors' And 'Evil Teachings' - that'll work #china

Tell The UN To Keep Its Hands Off The People's Internet - stuff

Neues Gesetz: Indien verbietet Teenagern Sex - yeah, that'll work #india

The Right to Read Is the Right to Mine - this: "a draft content mining declaration"

Patent Wars Turn Tech into a Battlefield - #technicolor the next patent troll?

FSFE responds to UK #OpenStandards Consultation - have you?  if not, you have until Monday 4 June

Dear Ari Emanuel: We're All Meeting On The Internet, Come Join Us - "We live & breathe the Net. It is our identity"

Researchers To Release an Anonymous BitTorrent Client -

Family Album: 53 Musical Bachs on Spotify - impressive, no?

Nächste Woche Samstag gegen #ACTA demonstrieren - the flotilla's all v nice, but this is the key event...

"Any gnome3 knowledgeable people out here?" - some bloke called "Linus" needs help to fix his computer...

U.S. Races to Prevent Doha-Like End to Trans-Pacific Trade Talks - ah, so "doha" is the fear (v @burcuno)#TPP

#Stuxnet admission likely to have foreign policy consequences - er, somewhat

The transparently secretive Chamber of Commerce - well, big business does have so much to hide, after all #lobbying

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