Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Richard #ODwyer and the new internet war - http://bit.ly/L9eK6X Jimmy Wales's epetition - http://chn.ge/OirT3c pl. sign a& RT

Loch Ness monster cited by US schools as evidence that #evolution is myth -http://bit.ly/MKHhAa </facepalm> (v @Francis_Lam @Glinner)

Our final push: #ACTA vote in ten days, mail the European Parliament -http://bit.ly/KWSaDl we're nearly there, & we must win this

Winamp's woes: how the greatest #MP3 player undid itself - http://bit.ly/LuNeFCwonderful tale of what might have been...

The Finch Report in a global #OpenAccess landscape - http://bit.ly/KWSy4t the debate continues #oa

Commission & industry attacks on Parliament hit a new low -http://bit.ly/Mmf6bO great summary of situation before big vote (v @netzpolitik)

What Rio+20 Can Teach the Open Government Partnership - http://bit.ly/LLtRV6 interesting points

Court Denies Pirate Party Naming Right, Cites “Real Pirate” Confusion -http://bit.ly/LkWANR "could mislead members of the public" #tw

The #OKF is recruiting! - http://bit.ly/LWniSS wannajob? #opendata#openspending

Should we Start a Government as Platform Business Association -  cool idea;#opensource, please... #ogov

#Japan Criminalizes Unauthorized Downloads, Making DVD Backups -- And Maybe Watching YouTube - http://bit.ly/Lw5AWC insane #copyright

Miami Heat Owner Sues Blogger & Google Over 'Unflattering' Photo -http://bit.ly/KXK6C2 can I be the 281st person to say "streisand effect"

Help Us Shape Our Strategy for Intellectual Property Enforcement -http://1.usa.gov/MwDnug USians: an offer you can't refuse (v @digiphile)

Senators Call for Increased Transparency, Including Broader Consultation on Internet Freedom - http://bit.ly/LwOJTP #TPP #ACTA

#ca Fed Court Says No #Copyright Infringement For Linking, Posting Several Paragraphs from Article - http://bit.ly/LLT14n necessary wins

Forscher fordern Grundrechte für Menschenaffen - http://bit.ly/OmbkDq I agree: "Sie sind wie wir" 

Some Facts & Insights Into The Whole Discussion Of 'Ethics' And Music Business Models - http://bit.ly/LMecEZ lots of crucial points

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