Saturday, 16 June 2012


[RT from last night] read this - then you may wish to use this - (last v @BobJonkman)#censorship

.@NeelieKroesEU: Heed the Pirate Parties, or Lose Your Job - the message is getting through 

Bulgarians protest ‘mafia’ Forest Act - depressing #bg

A mother against #glyphosate: Court case against GM soy producers in Argentina - needs full investigation

Hawking is First User of SGI ‘Big Brain’ Supercomputer -"runs unmodified, off-the-shelf #Linux software"

#OpenScience Hackday, 7th July, in London and Online! -"don’t need coding skills to join"

UK 'Snooper's Charter' Seeks To Eliminate Pesky Private Communications - wants all letters logged too #CCDP

Early day motion 151: ask your MP to sign - "calls on Gov to implement vital #copyright exceptions" (v @CameronNeylon)

#Nokia prepared to sell patents if price right: CFO - can't imagine who might buy these, can you #Microsoft?

UK Consultation on Copyright: Summary of responses - that was quick (v @copyrightgirl @CharlesOppenh)#hargreaves

Draft Communications Data Bill: Daft and Dangerous - this is not acceptable for a free society #CCDP

Statement on school meals from Argyll and Bute Council - shovel you have there (v @DavidAllenGreen)#NeverSeconds

Going postal: does the reasoning behind the 'Snooper's Charter' stand up? - "level of surveillance not there before"

The Battle For #NetNeutrality Flares Up Again: But Which Countries Still Have It? - the answers may surprise

NeverSeconds blogger Martha Payne school dinner photo ban lifted - all thanks to #barbarastreisand (v @Glinner)

"If I can't say the word vagina, why are we legislating vaginas?" - a very good question (v @AnonyOps @Asher_Wolf)

Pirateriestudie des Medienboards Berlin-Brandenburg: suggestiv, verkürzt, oberflächlich - as usual

Snooper's Charter petition: don't let the government transform GB into KGB - no laughing matter, but ha! 

#ACTA Battle: Send Mail To INTA Delegates! - please do...

UK Communications Data Bill/Draft - handy HTML version (v @webmink)

Video of Mexican cops acting as narco death squad shocks hardened nation - what can you say? (v @TransformDrugs)

Tell #KFC to stop turning rainforests into rubbish! - junk food, junk ethics

Internet Archive Sues to Stop New Washington State Law - before you legislate, people

Korea trade deficit balloons under NAFTA-style deal - will this increase pressure on #TPP negotiations?

FBI, DEA warn #IPv6 could shield criminals from police -"new law may be necessary": never heard that before...

Supercomputer jagt Italiens Steuersünder - how long before greece & spain follow suit? (v @bendrath @Fschweitzer)#it

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