Tuesday, 12 June 2012


#Linus Torvalds on Windows 8, #UEFI, and Fedora - http://zd.net/MmWeK9interesting to hear his perspective

wow, now they're offering 3 Terabyte hard discs for just over a hundred quid...Petabytes, here we come...

#Android smartphone activations hit 331m in Q1 2012, says report -http://tnw.co/LtH6tU Rubin: 900K activations daily

Barnes & Noble: Ebooks Should Be Expensive So Amazon Won't Kill Us And Make Ebooks Expensive - http://bit.ly/MxZ0ZC wait, what?

Why I think RMS is a fanatic, and why that matters - http://bit.ly/MuQ3RH #ESR just can't forgive #RMS for having principles...

Crazy: Orange censors all blogs, not just GigaOM - http://bit.ly/LfDACW#orange gets the seriously stupid prize #censorship

Confessions of a recovering Objectivist - http://bit.ly/KvIACo nice piece (v @smarimc)#aynrand

The Sweet Taste Of Defeat: Band Must Pay Legal Fees For Frivolous Lawsuit Over One Used CD On eBay - http://bit.ly/LRkBMb serves 'em right

Humble Beginnings: The Very First Pirate Party Website - http://bit.ly/MnHkmZseems like ancient history now...

30 Linux Kernel Devs: Linus Torvalds - http://bit.ly/LRoeBA best Q: "How did you get involved in Linux kernel development?" (v @jasonbrooks)

Researchers developing new type of internet search engine -http://bit.ly/LVknFR for Net of things; looks #opensource, too (v @petersuber)

Court Issues New Blocking Order Against The Pirate Bay - http://bit.ly/LfSid4yawn 

‘As many holes as a Swiss cheese’: the UK tax system loses money abroad -http://bit.ly/LfSmcH oh, so #vodafone is evil too

Treibhausgas: Forscher entdecken riesige Lücke in Chinas CO2-Bilanz -http://bit.ly/N4sOnk a billion tons here, a billion tons there

Google Settles Lawsuits Brought by French Authors and Publishers -http://on.wsj.com/Kw73Yd wow, was that still going on?

133 Recordings Produced by Rick Rubin on Spotify - http://bit.ly/L0jVbGunusual stuff

EA Believes That Making A Lot Of Money Is Less Important Than Keeping Games Expensive - http://bit.ly/Ntgnk0 the stupid, it burns

RT @harkank#orphanworks #EU_directive #trilogue consolidated version 2012 06 05 full text http://bit.ly/KMsdpF >>let's get digging...

Lawsuits Filed In #Colombia To Challenge Local Version Of SOPA -http://bit.ly/KMQR9A what an appalling saga #copyright

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