Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Android marches on in #China, now accounts for 55.4% of #smartphones, iOS at 12.4% - big, important numbers

Mieczyslaw Weinberg: Chronological Collection on Spotify - amazing what's hidden away here

The End of the World: The State vs. the Internet -, thoughtful stuff

First thoughts on the Finch Report: Good steps but missed opportunities - #openaccess continues its march to victory

As tablet use grows, #Android use on par with #Apple, report says - thanks to #kindle - but does that count?

FSFE to Advance Fair Public IT Procurements in Finland - a slog, but good someone is doing it #opensource

I'm about to ring MEPs on the #INTA committee about important #ACTA vote: why don't you do the same? -

Reaction to the Finch report - @petermurrayrust- “good intentions and missed opportunities”. #openaccess

Crucial #ACTA Vote: Will #INTA Committee Betray EU Citizens? - your call or email can help make a difference

Wuthering Moors 19 – what is Defra hiding? - #defrabehaving badly (v @GeorgeMonbiot)#foi

Alma Swan's fab response to #dailymail #openaccess #FUD - spot on (v @petersuber)

Google Threatens To Sue Huge YouTube MP3 Conversion Site - not so clever, O Google PhDs: you're creating a precedent

Help us win another crucial #ACTA vote: call your MEP! - summary of issues, plus numbers to call #INTA

The affordable African smartphone battle begins: Samsung’s Galaxy Pocket vs Huawei’s Ideos X1 - another crucial market

Staaten forsten 18 Millionen Hektar Wald auf - good news for a change #trees

#INTA info: I was just told that Syed Kamall is "leading" on Thursday's #ACTAvote for ECR party, so he is the key man here...

important: SOS EU open access to scientific publications - fightback against #openaccess - contact MEPs pl.

Statement on #TPP Parties Invite Mexico to Join Negotiations - "will make the negotiation of IP chapter much harder."

#INTA Just spoke with Robert Sturdy's assistant: clear that ECR MEPs will be voting for delay; #ACTA is good basis for future, good signal

#INTA just spoke to ECR's Syed Kamall: he says more time is needed to evaluate #ACTA, hence his amendment calling for delay...

British Waterways charidee mapping data handed to Google for free - but will #openstreetmap get it too?

#TPP Investment Chapter Leaked, Gives Investors Right to Sue States (Except Australia) - so why accept it elsewhere?

Knight Foundation awards $320,000 to #Tor Project - really great news

#Opensource geiger counter about to score over $100K on Kickstarter -  another great kickstarter project

#Monsanto May Be Forced To Repay Brazilian GM Soybean Royalties Worth Billions Of Dollars - ouch #br

Two things we’ve proved along the way - #mozilla, that is...

MT @BWcomms[British Waterways] says "we're looking into releasing the data [more widely] and might consider it in the future. :)"

#ITU & the Real Threats to Internet, Part IV: the Triumph of State Security & Proposed Changes to ITRs - interesting

2nd Tier Status for #Canada?: 5 Questions On Canada's Entry to The Trans Pacific Partnership Talks - humiliating

Secret documents show how hard Conservative government lobbied to get into#TPP talks - deathwish? (v @PCGTW)#ca

Canada to join Trans-Pacific trade talks - note ridiculous figures for claimed benefits (v @publicknowledge)#TPP

Defend Innovation - clip software patents' wings - a good start, but even more is needed... (v @webmink)

David Lowery Wants A Pony - what he said

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