Friday, 22 June 2012


liveblogging of #INTA session by @Falkvinge- live stream here: mms:// #ACTA

#Openaccess may require funds to be rationed - sounds like new #FUD to me... (v @RickyPo)

Google Fights to Save 3,054 Languages - really important stuff - kudos #linguistics

#INTA additional voter - representing non-aligned...not sure what this means in practice... #ACTA

"Not one person in the committee was able to put forward a position in favour of # ACTA." - says it all #INTA

The coming revolution in STM #scholpub - long, important post analysing this area #openaccess

UK Communications Bill Creates Dangerous Database - big battle we must win #surveillance

Your Genome, Your Data - are we ready for the other digital revolution? I think not... #privacy #dna

Doubling down: FunnyJunk lawyer to subpoena Ars, Twitter - </facepalm>

#ACTA Update XIX - so we won #INTA: now it's the big one - the plenary vote on 4 July - we can do it 

Massive Gold Trove Sparks Archeological Dispute - (v @izakaminska)#de

#ICANN is wrong - "These things shouldn't be #TLDs, they're too important, too basic to life."

Eric #Whitacre: Complete Recordings on #Spotify -'s favourite accessible modernist

"EPP still hopes to make #ACTA a good agreement through changes or additional protocols" - NB: this is their strategy

Penguin brings e-books back to NYC libraries - "Each e-book will expire after a year" - literature no longer immortal

“If we can set a goal to sequence the human genome for $99, then why not $99 for scholarly publishing?" - quite

Science as an open enterprise - #royalsociety report; not read it yet...anyone? (v @michael_nielsen)#openscience

#Drone dogfights by 2015? U.S. Navy preps for futuristic combat - I'm amazed we haven't heard more about this

The #OpenAccess strategy wars - yes, we are entering the big pushback. needed: a counter-push...

#Warlord: Chechnya's Boss-for-Life Joins Twitter - bizarre

Jumping Off The Burning Platform: #Nokia Knew It Was Stuck On WP7 When It Signed On - class action on its way?

How Activists Coordinated European Opposition to #ACTA - summary with lots of links #EU

The #ACTA agreement is rejected by #INTA - important moment capture for posterity (v @dozykraut)#pix

Fifth EU Committee Recommends Rejection Of #ACTA By European Parliament - all the thrills & spills of the day #INTA

The draft “Communications Data Bill”, opportunities and challenges - more legal analysis #uk

US-EU Transatlantic Trade Deal Would Skip IPRs - in the light of #ACTA, I think (v @mgeist)

Kim Dotcom: Artists Rejoice, Megabox is Not Dead - you have to admire the chap's indomitability

UN expert labels CIA tactic exposed by Bureau ‘a war crime’ - "deliberately targeting rescuers in its drone strikes"

Why Do The People Who Always Ask Us To 'Respect' Artists Seem To Have So Little Respect For Artists? - pathetic

#Kickstarter by the numbers: New stats page gives daily updates - pretty big numbers, too

Autodesk uses Octocopter to find fossils with Louise Leakey - interesting non-military use for drone

Help us shape Wikimedia’s prototype visual editor - nice;#opensource too (v @Joscelyn)

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