Friday, 22 June 2012


Exoplanets - more sheer #xkcd genius

WHO Paper: How To Guard Against #Tobacco Companies – And Trade Law - shows the damage trade agreements are doing

Frank #Zappa as Composer - 6 hours on #spotify

Proposed Licensing For Newspaper Snippets Could Threaten Users Of Blogs, Facebook And Twitter In #Germany - bonkers

Terra-i: the most precise real-time deforestation tracker yet - great, let's hope it helps

Capitalists Who Fear Change - good summary of key challenges #innovation #patents (v @zoobab)

Spain’s fish barons cash in on UK stocks - this kind of greed & stupidity makes my blood boil #sustainability

FOI request: Public sector favours legacy over open-source storage - shame (v @Mark_Antony)#uk

Das Datum für die ACTA-Abstimmung steht - final #ACTAvote set for 4 July

#INTA Committee Must Reject #ACTA - joint press release from 39 European and International organisations

Indian ISPs Unblock BitTorrent Sites After Appeal -"copyright holder can’t demand broad takedowns" #india

Drugs Without the Hot Air: the most sensible book about drugs you'll read this year - sounds interesting

Shapeways hits one million 3D printed creations - it's happening #3dprinters

#ACTA Update XVIII - why "step in right direction" is not good enough. please contact your MEPs today #INTA

Web Design and Development Survey - "82% of respondents "prefer" using #opensource"

"UK Pirate Party, political wing of The Pirate Bay" - #bbcutterly clueless, as ever (v @CheapassFiction @Asher_Wolf)

Samsung demands Apple compensation following 3G patent lawsuit win in the Netherlands - </sigh>

RT @doctorow My source says the European People's Party will call for a secret vote on #ACTA PLS RT! #EP >>shameful, if true

Bibliographic References in Textus - great: #opensource. but needs sandpit text - too many scribbles there currently

The New #Elitism: File Sharing 'Created' Pop Music And Removing Gatekeepers Is 'Killing Culture' - long, interesting

Rücktritt bei Piraten: Geschäftsführer Delius gibt Posten auf - not another one...

Denmark drops reform of EU #access to documents rules as disagreements prove insurmountable - probably for the best

ALDE condemns EPP plans to hold secret vote on #ACTA - something to hide, #EPP?

Oil company sues ISP, kills Greenpeace's protest site against them - this is where #ACTA goes #censorship #copyright

The Chilling Effects On #Innovation Caused By Bad #Copyright Law - pity more people don't get this

Dilma: Save the Rio Earth Summit! - please

How To build an Anti-#ACTA Campaign - why can't we all be this efficient...? #de

Denmark Ditches Warning Letters, Launches Soft War On Piracy - at least someone is getting sensible #dk

#Oracle agrees to 'zero' damages in #Google lawsuit, eyes appeal - what an utter waste of time & effort (v @webmink)

UN Non-Takeover Of The Net: ITU’s Touré Calls For Documents To Be Public - hopeful sign? #transparency

Opinion: EFF should call for the elimination of software patents - well, obvs... #swpats

WCITLeaks Gets Results - & here's v good analysis of what's really going on with that #ITU call for #transparency

How a rape survivor could change #Afghanistan - come on, Karzai, do something... #epetition

Just Relax Canada, U.S. Pharma Wll Handle It - ha! nicely done #TPP

Will Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 Move Put Nokia's Current Business on Ice? - even #MS is putting the knife into #Nokia

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