Saturday, 9 June 2012


Neue Broschüre: #ACTA - Der Big Bang der Netzpolitik - done (v @spielkamp @bendrath)

Free software programmers should be paid, too - point about using #kickstarter for #opensource

Satnav Manufacturer Seeks Weak Point In Open Source Competitors By Citing Safety Concerns - running scared much? #osm

EU Governments Push Global Alliance for Net Censorship - thinks of the children - when they need to censor

Tensions Rise Over Another International Agreement – #CETA - #canada would be insane to sign this (v @_NetFreedom_)

Australian Gov't Chooses 'Consumer Advocate' For Secret Anti-Piracy Meetings: The Chairman Of The Copyright Council -

Urheberrecht: Piraten und Gema sitzen in einem Boot - #copyright

Introducing PyBossa – the #opensource micro-tasking platform - not sure what it's for, but sounds cool...

Facebook Open Sources Library of its Components - knows that #opensource is your friend

Samsung to acquire Nokia? Why we don’t buy it for a second - neither do I

Enttäuschte Piraten packen aus - please don't mess up your big chance: sort this, Pirates... #de

Outrage as credit agency plans to mine Facebook data - just the start... #privacy

World prepares for largest pro-Internet protest in history - it be? you can make it so (v @gsDetermination)#ACTA

stop #ACTA demos: talking of which, find the nearest one to you here -

Anti #ACTA and #DEAct March - #facebook pages for#uk demos #ironyalert

A New Declaration of Rights: #OpenContentMining - great piece about key development, & #oa warrior behind it

The Pirate Bay evades ISP blockade with #IPv6, can do it 18 quintillion more times - I just love technology

The IP Lobby's Post-Bill C-11 Playbook: #ACTA#SOPA, Warrantless Search and the Criminalization of IP - staggering #ca

European telcoms defend leaked proposal for U.N. Internet tax - "idea borrowed from international phone calls"

How the Tech Industry’s Anti-#SOPA Tactics Changed Politics - amusing to see the politicians still struggling with this

Microsoft lässt heise Artikel aus google entfernen - abusing #dmca takedowns to protect #win8?

Famous judge spikes Apple-Google case, calls patent system “dysfunctional” - we're getting there... #patents

Independent software developers go full time with #opensource - interesting trend

India Court Summons Top Internet Executives - or just clueless? #india

Asian Governments Plan To Better Use #TRIPS Flexibilities For Health - important trend

Commerce Dept: Steve Jobs Had Patents, Steve Jobs Made Cool Things; Thus Patents Are Great - makes you weep

Attacking Your Religion : An Open Letter - well-argued, well-written piece #discourse

#Openaccess to research is inevitable, says Nature editor-in-chief - we are winning ( v @zapata_f @phylogenomics)

US Navy buys #Linux to guide drone fleet - "a $27,883,883 contract from military contractor Raytheon"; yikes

Apple Granted Broad Patent On Wedge-Shaped Laptops - that's no rounded corners, no wedges...yeah, right

7Gbps wireless transfers and streaming, no router required -; but won't it burn holes in people as it does so...?

city dashboard: #london - live info; hey, this is wonderful (v @vickeegan‏@digitalurban)

3.3" HDMI-dongle Android Pocket TV funded within 1 week on Kickstarter - more #opensource kickstarter magic

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