Sunday, 17 June 2012


#Japan's appetite for whale meat wanes - well done, Japanese people: just say no... #whaling

good analysis of awful “investor state” dispute resolution panels of #TPP and why #NZ would be insane to accept them -

4 Steps to immunity from UK snooping laws - immunity, no, but it wil slow them down a bit 

The state of #Hadoop: Strong and poised to explode - not literally, one hopes...good to see #opensource powering ahead

How Long Before #VPNs Become Illegal? - a growing concern for me...

The return of a bad idea - historical parallel to UK's proposed warrantless #surveillance programme (v @privacyint)

Und plötzlich sind wir kriminell - disproportionate enforcement is pushing #copyright into irrelevance

Green from the Grassroots - wise words from late Elinor Ostrom #rio

Last window of hope for EU #transparency talks still open -'s hope

Opposition grows to 'Snoopers' Charter' amid data-mining fears - yes: #datamining one of the key problems (v @Glinner)

Notes From The #Ebook Trenches - "choose to pay for the things they enjoy, sometimes after they’ve enjoyed them." yup

#CCDP First impressions: A bill with too few safeguards - "filtering" provisions - v problematic (v @lilianedwards)

Leveson Inquiry: how truth about David Cameron's meetings was revealed - fab graphic - kudos to dtel (v @jeffjarvis)

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