Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121029 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Serving Science or #Monsanto? - disgraceful #fud: all my respect for the #AAAS just vanished #gm

EU ministers back deep cuts in shipping fuel emissions - overdue

Supreme Court seeks a way around "perpetual copyright" on foreign goods - ridiculous question even being considered

Rien ne serait arrivé sans la loi de Moore - hmm, this seems strangely familiar #opensource

Cancer specialist supports Seralini, condemns his critics - Academy of Medicine said asbestos safe - in 1996 #GM

Climate models get smarter, but uncertainty just won't go away - complex problem

Greek journalists warn over press freedom - situation in#greece looks dire from every angle

Bulgarian Banks Try To Silence Web Site That Called Them 'Bad Apples' - not good #bg

#India changes its internet governance position — backs away from UN proposal - welcome

Decreto Crescita 2.0, proposte operative per l'Openness - to see more of this coming through #it #opendata

Google's extreme digital capitalism is just a different form of socialism - ha! nice analysis

RT @europeanprivacy#Open #Internet: presidential candidates ignore #onlinecontroversy - >>that & #climatechange

Sicily Election Results Shock Italy - "results of regional elections in Sicily herald a new era in Italian politics"

From #OpenSource to #Crowdfunding - all part of the big trend towards openness & collaboration

Google News wars are here again: France, Brazil, Germany front up - crazy stuff

Looking Beyond #TPP: US & EU Planning More Bad IP Rules In 'US-EU Free Trade Agreement' - push for #transparency now

Privacy in #Ubuntu 12.10: Amazon Ads and Data Leaks - not happy bunnies

A 10-year #EFSA controversy: Time to tackle industry bias and reclaim food safety! Conference in Parma - long overdue

Review of #OpenAccess in Economics - useful look at #oaoptions for economists

UK's Intellectual Property Obliteration office attacked by Parliament - not true: just by a few copyright maximalists

Indian Music Industry Files Petition Supporting IT Rules - content takedown without notice (v @Atul_Desh)

Have EU orphans found a caring home? - confirms how#hostageworks directive was butchered by #copyright maximalists

Three former Environment Ministers speak out on NK603 and Roundup - more doubts about #gm approval process #monsanto

US judge coming to tell stupid Brits what to think about terrorism - & sabotage extradition reforms (v @jrodwyer @4b5)

Brazil’s Indigenous battle corruption in land administration -

Is it Time to Police the Police? - well past the time...

Food crisis: The fight for corn [er, maize] - long, detailed piece about important issue

Village Voice sues Yelp for using “Best of” - to think I used to read this, too...

5 Things You Need To Know About Chinese Social Media - useful #china

Indonesian Compulsory Licenses Show Values of Pro-Access TRIPS-Flexibility Terms in Voluntary Licenses - indeed #id

Greece gave birth to democracy. Now it has been cast out by a powerful elite - kudos to the #guardian for pursuing this

Participatory #Innovation Conference 2013 - "how people outside an org. can contribute to its innovation" (v @hleman)

Supreme Court Justices Worry About 'Parade Of Horribles' If They Agree You Don't Own What You Bought - good summary

Proof that #EFSA used double standards to attack Seralini - worse & worse #gm #monsanto

RT @glynwintle Police saying they need #ccdp so they can catch young people communicating using game consoles>>desperate or what?

#Mozilla's Learning/WebLiteraciesWhitePaper - "a reference point and framework to help develop web literacies"

A new wave of surveillance in Pakistan - more details of worrying moves #pk

MT @bengoldacre#BMJ insist that all data for trials they publish must now be accessible. >>hugely important #opendata

Hello people of the past: you... seriously used Dr Who and the Daleks to advertise tobacco? - wow, is that real?

Digital revolution lights up #Africa with maps, mobiles, money and markets - important shift, happening rapidly

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