Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121022 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

Those Despicable Foreigners - nice piece on #xenophobiaand #xenophilia

US Immigration agency drops BlackBerry for iPhone - you want straws in the wind...?

BPI Asks UK ISPs To Block More Major Torrent Sites - legitimate uses, & lack of evidence they cause harm

Korean Music Industry Embraces The Future While US Counterparts Fight It - indeed

What is TYLER? Anonymous reveals details of its own 'WikiLeaks' project - will it be trustworthy? will it be used?

LifeSwap Is Airbnb for Careers - interesting variation on a theme

"the existing Internet model works extremely well, has boosted growth & competition & brought prices for data down" -

How Would Twitter Handle A Crackdown On Free Speech In Saudi Arabia? - that's a big, important question 

Thirteen Italians die in bloody start to hunt season - time to ban this absurdity (v @LifeinSicily)#it

Badger cull to be delayed as Tories take another U-turn - right: no scientific justification whatsoever for this

Is #Amazon Playing Fair? - some might say not...#ebooks #vat #tax

help, pl: can anyone suggest #opensource forum sw with chat function? to be used in healthcare.  thanks.

Ugandan Center for Health Human Rights Publishes Guidelines for Changes to Industrial Property Bill - #uganda

Looking For The Next $1 Billion #OpenSource Company - one does

EU & US Negotiators Looking To Hold Blind & Deaf Access Rights Hostage To Get A New ACTA/SOPA - nasty

Patent office tentatively invalidates Apple's rubber-banding patent used in Samsung trial - well, there you go; or not

Open Access: What is it and what does “Open” mean - tough love here... #oa

The Benefits of #OpenData (part II) – Impact on Economic Research - interesting analysis

Getting it Right: - justified high praise #opensource#opendata #ogov

Studie: Open Source in der Schweiz - "Von den 202 untersuchten Unternehmen und Behörden nutzen 93 Prozent bewusst OSS"

Antarctic airstrip melting away - "trends in Antarctic melt were faster than almost any records" (v @RyanHeathEU)

EFF and ERI Fight to Quash Speech-Chilling Subpoenas from #Chevron - standing up to bullying (v @rmack)#ecuador

UNO-Bericht: Der Kampf gegen Terroristen beginnt im Internet, mit Vorratsdatenspeicherung und Identifizierungspflicht -

Anthony May new Interception of Communications Commissioner - but does he have teeth or dentures? (v @julianhuppert)

#Badger cull U-turn: precious time has been wasted on this foolish policy - devastating analysis of UK gov wilfulness

EU-Kommission plant DNS-Sperren gegen Online-Glücksspiel - EU is collapsing & they do this? (v @netzpolitik)

The man without a soul - & the US media without a spine... (v @dangillmor @joanwalsh)

#Italy disaster head Luciano Maiani quits over L'Aquila - can you blame him? (v @julianhuppert @senseaboutsci)#science

Ann Coulter Calls Obama a ‘Retard’ on Twitter - has a witty turn of phrase, that lady...

Trent Reznor Talks To Techdirt About His Unconventional New Record Deal, & Why He Still Loves DIY - lots of good stuff

Why #Mozilla should join the #CryptoParty - good for them, good for us #privacy #security #opensource

Offense 101 - nice idea

Why Hardware Patent Trolls May Be The Next Big Problem - indeed; luckily, the solution is obvious...

Obama's "is is" - fascinating tic #linguistics

Open Source Drug Discovery in Practice: A Case Study - to see people exploring this

Malaria: Das Comeback der Allzweckwaffe - surprising

UK support for US #drones in Pakistan may be war crime, court is told - interesting tack...

DOJ Railroads CIA Torture Whistleblower Into Reduced Guilty Plea - shame on you, obama... #torture

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