Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121001 - http://bit.ly/Qzjoge yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

Over two hundred Belgian political candidates support #freesoftware -http://bit.ly/QzjLHS  we should do this everywhere #be

Open Access in the UK: Reinventing the Big Deal - http://bit.ly/PTue28interesting stuff, as ever #oa

Samsung Sues Apple Over iPhone 5, Allowed to Sell Galaxy Tab 10.1 -http://on.mash.to/QUckvd the stupid spreads

Brussels to launch shipping emissions monitoring system - http://bit.ly/QJq9j7not before time

OGM : le Dr Spiroux, co-auteur de l'étude-choc, répond aux critiques -http://bit.ly/PJBI6R the saga continues #monsanto #gm

UK ISPs dismiss calls for default porn blocks - http://bit.ly/SW8sP8 good for them #censorship

A Question of Authorship? - http://bit.ly/PJCocH long, interesting disquisition on authorship and attribution

A rightwing insurrection is usurping our democracy - http://bit.ly/QUd97qimportant troubling piece about thinktanks #uk

SCOAP3 #OpenAccess Initiative launched at #CERN - http://bit.ly/SZdtRzhugely important win for #oa (v @greboun)#science

Are These The #Drones We're Looking For? - http://bit.ly/PJE2La "What is going to happen when #paparazzi start to use drones?"; coming soon

#3DPrinter Company Seizes Machine From Desktop Gunsmith -http://bit.ly/Szx9eo presumably he'll buy one next time

Could Waterloo International Become A Greenhouse? - http://bit.ly/P7LZhr I'll get me wellies #london

Naxos 19th Century Violinist Composers Series - http://bit.ly/P7M7NQ another interesting set

Windows Phone Is Taking Share From RIM, But It’s Still Nowhere Near Breaking Through The Android/iOS Stronghold - http://tcrn.ch/QJuuCS

#NZ prime minister defends Hollywood trip in wake of Megaupload mess -http://bit.ly/R93R7V oops, awkward

US warns European governments against supporting Palestinians at UN -http://bit.ly/QJzW8Q definitely not bullying EU (v @kaatje36 @occpal)

#LATimes poll: supporters of CA labeling for genetically engineered food outnumber foes 2 to 1 - http://lat.ms/RwRh4r big if confirmed

Out of Africa: More #Microsoft #FUD - http://bit.ly/SZjgqo hasn't it learnedanything? #opensource

MSF Launches Patent Opposition Database - http://bit.ly/VnxkhW pity this is even necessary #pharma

Why It Could Make Sense To Get Rid Of #Patents Entirely, Even If They Work In A Few Cases - http://bit.ly/VaMB7v well, obvs

Six Questions on #CleanIT - http://bit.ly/UDAyed over to you, European Commission (v @PostActa)

¿Dónde está la comunidad del Software Libre en #Paraguay? -http://bit.ly/R9q0mw sounds like there's a problem... #freesw

UK's #OpenData Institute Moves in to #london Head-quarters -http://bit.ly/R9xHZU good to see things happening here (v @DirDigEng)

Pesticide Use Rises as Herbicide-resistant Weeds Undermine Performance of Major #GM Crops, New WSU Study Shows - http://bit.ly/SzjHb7 course

http://dati.comune.milano.it/ - http://bit.ly/QG8yZ6 bella mossa (v @carlopiana @diritto2punto0)#opendata #it

The Independent to drop American digital charges - http://bit.ly/SwbGr7 "This is not just a facile '#paywalls don’t work” story' "; no..?

BRICS nations thrash out World Bank alternative - http://bit.ly/P8fL5z wow, that would set the cat amongst the pigeons... (v @ChinaBizWatch)

1/4 of US tech start-ups founded by an immigrant - http://reut.rs/SAaI8Rxenophobia would kill Silicon Valley (v @mjasay @ScepticGeek)

MEPs must be ready to reject an #ACTA-like Canada/EU Trade Agreement -http://bit.ly/R9EnqY zero #transparency, zero #trust

Study shows 25% of Americans own a #tablet - http://bit.ly/SXgK9s impressive rise of #android there (not just #kindle)

Jolla’s #MeeGo revival plans shape up with $260m ecosystem alliance -http://bit.ly/SXvRQi seems implausible; hope it's true #linux

#Guyana Resorts To Buying Pirated Textbooks Because Legal Copies Are Too Expensive - http://bit.ly/SAkJmF says it all

Net Threat: The Dangers From Global Web Regulation - http://onforb.es/Slcu3Vgood summary of #wcit threat (v @AnonyOdinn)

#PHP, the web’s most popular programming language, is coming to mobile -http://bit.ly/QGsJWP uh-huh

YouTube goes legit in #Turkey, bringing more sales and more censorship -http://bit.ly/SAkhoU yeah, they tend to go together

The 6,000,000 dollar fair use standard - http://bit.ly/SlACTS "Prices not rising fast enough, greater income from permissions is required."

The Next Big Battle in Internet Policy - http://slate.me/PspU7J good history of#netneutrality, but v us-centric (v @MarietjeD66 @gigibsohn)

Out With The Old, In With The New: How Innovation Has Completely Changed The Music Business - http://bit.ly/SY2QUv good analysis

Motorola surprisingly withdraws Apple complaint from ITC -http://cnet.co/Qo5XBf weird

Gangnam Style Shows What Can Happen When You Don't Lean On Copyright -http://bit.ly/Vd1Yw5 great point

UN: We Don't Want To Take Over The Internet... Just Fundamentally Change How It Works - http://bit.ly/P8ZPQG looking worse & worse #wcit

Facebook Likes Could Lead to Jail Time Under New #Philippine Law -http://on.mash.to/Wg2lnC cluelessness or viciousness?

There Really Is a Smartphone Inside ‘EW Magazine’ -http://on.mash.to/SBk0SN running #android, of course...

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