Thursday, 25 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121023 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

GOP Senate Candidate Likens Pregnancies from Rape to ‘a Gift from God’ - riiight

Tribunal Slams Ecuador with Largest Ever Investor-State Penalty - this is staggering. #tpp nations take note

EU bioenergy policies increase carbon emissions, says leaked EU study - what a fiasco; cancel it now

Sony faces setback as hackers release PlayStation 3 decryption keys - inevitable: why is anyone surprised?

Why we want to build Charles Babbage's Victorian computer - what a splendid idea (v @slashdot) 

Pesticides hit non-pests: exposed bees forage poorly, die more often - not good

FOSS' Fight Against #China's Free-as-in-Pirated Syndrome - good summary of what's going there #opensource

The Overwhelming Empirical Case Against #Patent & #Copyright - "no studies unambiguously showing a net societal gain"

Munich Is Just the Latest City to Standardize on #LibreOffice - just one of many

Clay Christensen, newspapers and the cliff of despair - well, they had enough warning - over 15 years of it from me...

Striking Engineering Photos Hold Their Own as Works of Art - nice

#China verbietet Ausländern Reisen nach #Tibet - nothing to hide, of course...

Pirate Bay Censored in Ireland After Mysterious Court Order - #streisandeffect imminent #censorship

Congratulations to #Cornwall – how democracy should work - there's hope yet #outsourcing

Costa Rican Students Fight For The Right To Photocopy Textbooks - literally, not metaphorically, too...

Detecting Languages in #London's Twittersphere -, if a little limited (v @londonist)

Tim Cook Blinked First - The Nexus 7 Takes Pride Of Place At The iPad Mini Launch - yes, this was a me-too product...

#ACTA#CETA, etc. Stop Denying Democracy! - Commission seems not to have learnt... #eu Crowdfunding für Gemeingüter - why it's better than #kickstarter

Europe Follows Through On Threat, Hits Microsoft With Complaint Over Internet Explorer Antitrust Violations - hmmm

#RaspberryPi opens its ARM graphics code - excellent#opensource

NASA Achieves Data Goals For Mars Rover With #OpenSource Software - well, they'd be mad to use anything else

Magnus Lindberg - Reverse Chronological Catalogue - musical figure

centre of our galaxy - danger: do not zoom in on this picture unless you are feeling very self-confident (v @stshank)

Tom Watson Links Unnamed Former Prime Minister To Paedophile Ring - whoa, this is getting interesting (v @glynwintle)

Internet freedom advocates, experts, and innovators. ask us anything! - v interesting #reddit #AMA (v @publicknowledge)

US downplayed effect of Deepwater oil spill on whales, emails reveal - more truly shameful stuff from #obama

Commission's Plan for Online Gambling: Risk of Anti-Democratic Censorship, Again - strange answer is always censorship

Open Source ARM userland - more info on the latest#raspberrypi moves

Steam Train Ride To Mark Tube’s 150th Anniversary - larks #london

KFC: still killing rainforests - Kentucky Fried Chicken still a disaster for trees: why not tell #KFC what you think? 

#Mali: no rhythm or reason as militants declare war on music - these people are sick

Results of the EU Public Consultation on a "Code for Effective Open#Voluntarism" - somewhat muted

Economist's Defense Of Perpetual Copyright: It's Best To Just Ignore Economics - so much effort for so much nonsense

Video Games Industry To Join Three-Strikes HADOPI Anti-Piracy Scheme - 'cos it's working so well (not)?

Why Governments Open: Technology and Inclusive Institutions in Developing Countries - interesting analysis #opendata

Wellcome Collection Announces Major Expansion - exciting#london

Dutch treat: Another day, another patent ruling in Apple v. Samsung - apple's legal bullying continues to collapse

#Prize above #patents? - excellent intro to hugely important area for future

Panama president cancels Colon land sale after clashes - of many such retreats in the future

Secrecy ultimately hurts more people when wild speculation fills the void - raises issues we'll be hearing much more of

Empirical Data Suggests That Website #Blocking Is A Useless Weapon Against Infringement - important new research

The future of #OpenAccess - lots of good thoughts from various viewpoints

On Missions and Nearby Stars - starting to think about that voyage to alpha centauri – really

restoration of defocused and blurred images using #opensource - whoa, think of the implications here (v @gnat)

Indian Politician Plans To Install Surveillance Cameras In His Ministers' Homes And Offices - others should try this

Join EFF’s Efforts to Keep #3DPrinting Open - a worthy cause #patents

EU-Kommission distanziert sich von Netzsperren - hmmm, let's hope

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