Saturday, 20 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121018 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

[RT] Dutch Propose Powers For Police To Break Into Computers, Install Spyware & Destroy Data -- Anywhere In The World -

Kiwi three strikes piracy case collapses - what a farce #nz

Mozilla Opens Its Firefox For Android Marketplace To Developers And Early Adopters - interesting moves

Free Software Foundation Certifies #3DPrinter -- And Why That Matters - I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that

If #Reddit Really Regrets “Not Taking Stronger Action Sooner”, What Will It Do in the Future? - good question

Reflections on Centauri B b - imagine what we could know & do if we didn't spend trillions on pointless wars #space

Crackdown on cattle movement and TB testing announced - this, not badger culling, seems to be the way to go

Blackboard: With Both Co-founders Now Gone, It’s The End Of An Era For The Education Software Giant -  what now? 

Koch-backed activists use power of data in bid to oust Obama from White House - oligarchs a real threat to democracy

Is #Pheed the New #Twitter? - not for me, but then I'm not Paris Hilton...

Free Online Education Is Now Illegal in Minnesota - another story from The Onion; not (v @jwildeboer)

Google News faces mass newspaper boycott in #Brazil - publishers are just so clueless

UK taps Facebook & Microsoft for ICT training, to produce the next Tim Berners-Lee - but he refuses to use MS Word

The Extraordinary Rarity of #Whistleblowing - good analysis of curious phenomenon

10th Right to Know Day Photo Contest Launch - get snapping those abstractions

BBC iPlayer Android app updated with Jelly Bean and BBC Media Player support, but users aren’t impressed - DRM to blame

Johannes #Brahms - Complete Works (Op. 1-122 + WoOs + Appendix) in One Spotify Playlist - a biggie for the weekend

The MP Expenses Scandal Part II - they still haven't learnt, have they? #streisandeffect

Stoking Cyber Fears - "As long as cyber remains a prefix that scares, it'll continue to be used as a bugaboo" yup

Google To French Media: We May Have To Cut You Off - please take note...

RT @AlecMuffett Working on that, too: … >>great presentation

Royal Society hosts Wikipedia edit-a-thon to write women into history of science - today; great idea

Does #CETA Spell #ACTA? - not quite an anagram, but looking almost as bad (as far as we can tell....) #transparency #eu

Centauri B: Targets and Possibilities - "Voyager 1, now 17 light hours from Earth..." oh: puts things in perspective

Sirius Corporation Implements #OpenSource at Ysgol Maesydderwen - mixed solution #education

Dr Stallman endorses Pirate Party position on trademarks, patent monopolies, and copyright monopolies - interesting

#China Has A Plan To Dominate Global Shipping And It'll Sink The Competition - fascinating analysis (v @ChinaBizWatch)

#Africa Check - "sorting fact from fiction"; brilliant idea (v @bengoldacre 

FTC Challenges Innovators to Do Battle with Robocallers - #prizes, cos' patents haven't worked; now apply to pharma

Funkzellenabfragen bei NSU-Ermittlungen: 12 Millionen Verbindungsdaten, 14.000 Namen und Adressen, 0 Verdächtige -

Hollywood Accounting: How A $19 Million Movie Makes $150 Million... And Still Isn't Profitable - the Great Lie

Why The Music Industry Should Be Thanking Illegal Downloaders - yup

Mitt Romney and the myth of self-created millionaires - fine piece of writing #romnesia

Panama aims to adopt Euro - really???

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