Thursday, 18 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121016 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

#Biofuels industry threatens to sue European Commission - a mess

Could Co-operatives Save #Newspapers -- And Investigative #Journalism? - worth a try

Manifesto do Campo das Cebolas - of onions and#opensource

British Columbia Government Lends Support to #OpenTextbooks - great news: 1st california, now here #ca

Map law could see #china confiscate mobes at Customs - petty can you get?

"#Pearson apologizes for any inconvenience caused to users and readers of blogs hosted by #Edublogs this week." -

Used contact lens solution hosts giant virus, ecosystem of parasites - amazing & scary

Senator wants to bring copyright law to the runway - even though fashion is hugely successful without it

Arnold Schoenberg: Complete Chronological Catalogue - but important stuff

The Future Is #Open - says #google; well, er, yes...

Dutch coppers want computer hacking powers - this is a v bad idea... #nl #surveillance

Contest to improve research of rare diseases - use of prizes a great idea; the way forward for drugs

Artist Can’t Get Pirated Music Off iTunes, Google and Microsoft Stores - this is the problem, not #sharing

The Obama And Romney Campaigns Know If You've Visited Porn Sites. Why 'Do Not Track' Matters - important point #DNT

Homepageüberwachung: Polizei NRW rasterte jahrelang Besucher ihrer Webseiten, womöglich auch rechtswidrig - not good

EU commissioner who resigned because of anti-fraud investigations authorised GM crop as one of his 1st actions - 

Deutsche Bundestag fordert uns auf, das bisher geheim gehaltene Gutachten zur Abgeordnetenkorruption zu depublizieren -

SSDs will soon flood the market: High-capacities start to match low-capacity per-GB prices - crazy cheap prices

Craig Venter Imagines a World with Printable Life Forms - @ "Regulation will be an interesting aspect of this"; quite

Women, we can do it: A conversation with Anastasia Lvova - great work, great example #ru

Crowdsourcing A Live Show Lets Fans Spread The Word About How Awesome You Are - great example

Mansa Musa I of Mali – the richest human being in all history - lots of rich Normans, too (v @leashless)

Government Study Finds #CETA Drug Patent Reforms Would Cost Canadians Billions - so why do it? #ca

Österreich: Justizministerium will Vorratsdatenspeicherung gegen Urheberrechtsverletzungen einsetzen - inevitable

ETNO's dangerous proposal a threat to net neutrality - wants to destroy the Net as we know it (v @alafuente)

Datenschutz muss Menschen, nicht Geschäfts- und politische Interessen schützen - indeed

Sir Paul Kennedy is hardly "data interception watchdog", more "data interception poodle"; disgraceful comments here:

UK retailer Argos confirms Google to offer 32GB Nexus 7, available for £199.99 - better & better

GOV.UK "Open" for Business; More to Follow - things finally begin moving on the #opensource front for #uk

Genetic Privacy - "New report from the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues."

A wake-up call for the Commission – #lobbyists exploiting privileged access - "highlights need for stronger measures"

Pirate Bay Moves to The Cloud, Becomes Raid-Proof - well, that remains to be seen...

Google Throws Open Doors to Top-Secret Data Center - doesn't mention would be impossible without #linux#fail

Police #Taser blind man mistaking his white stick for a samurai sword - builds confidence in our Boys in Blue, no?

Government data PDF enthusiasts will be 'dealt with', says Maude - MS Word dox next, please (v @daeaves @chadskelton)

Lao communities’ land and natural resources are not for sale - big issue (v @kaatje36 @AnonOpsSweden)

Who controls the internet? - what a biased, clueless piece: this is about money, censorship & net neutrality

Destroying drug cartels, the mathematical way - clever idea

Hospitals' computer hw also suffers from infection - "run on older versions of Windows—such as Windows 2000" yikes

Protect My EU Data - - "easy navigation through Data Protection Regulation proposed by the EC"; handy 

Apple supply issues highlighted as Foxconn insider says iPhone 5 is “most difficult” device it’s produced - unexpected

Starbucks: yet another global company accused of massive UK tax avoidance - bit of a trend, here

Death rate falls to lowest ever in England and Wales - stats: things getting better despite appearances...

US 'influenced British government's decision to introduce secret courts' - appalling if true

Open Government: the raw material of the 21st century -; not sure the OGP will do much about it, though

#Opensource whiteboard software - never knew there was such a thing

USians: Send a Letter to the Editor Demanding Coverage of #TPP and How to Fix It - wake 'em up

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