Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121021 - http://bit.ly/PLPqdR yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

A Mother Tongue and the Daughter Teacher - http://bit.ly/Rgml7w wonderful story of a young woman's indomitability in the face of oppression

Icelanders back first ‘crowdsourced constitution’ - http://bit.ly/VjdUYO but will the politicians? #is

Motion on the project for a European Patent Court by Law professors and lawyers - http://bit.ly/XJjKWz important qs that need answering

Open Interests Hackathon - November 24-25, London, England -http://bit.ly/RQAZBb datamining #lobbyist info: important

The truth about the John Dalli resignation - http://bit.ly/RgoqAn wow, is it possible to bungle things worse than this? (v @sinkdeep)

CIA Look to Swamp Correa - http://bit.ly/Ur6aZa fascinating & sadly plausible analysis of what the US are up to with #assange

BBC Newsnight editor steps aside over Jimmy Savile scandal -http://bit.ly/Vu9cNz surely the first of many in this despicable story

Pussy Riot band members sent to remote prison camps - http://bit.ly/TCc5F3what brutal vindictiveness #russia #putin

DARPA Funds a $300 Software-Defined Radio For Hackers -http://bit.ly/TaCyx7 nice bit of #opensource

Crowdfunding: Potential Legal Disaster Waiting To Happen -http://onforb.es/Ts2J4l sure, it will happen; but how often is the key issue

Interview with Beppe #Grillo, Leader of the MoVimento 5 Stelle Political Party -http://bit.ly/RWo04l interesting bloke: power to his elbow

Ubuntu Founder Takes Aim at Red Hat - http://bit.ly/PM2ujo pigeons, meet cat

The inexorable rise of #openaccess scientific publishing - http://bit.ly/QMMLvogreat, upbeat post (v @McDawg)#oa

US Steadfast In Its Stand For Publishers Against The Disabled -http://bit.ly/RgvNaV take a look in the mirror, people... #copyright

The great Open Access swindle - http://bit.ly/T6HoY1 raises important issues#oa

Apple's Licensing Offer To Samsung Raises Questions About #FRAND Rates and What's Behind the Attacks on Google - http://bit.ly/TCiekk

Corporate accountability in the food chain – where spin stops and deception begins - http://bit.ly/UrxmXv technology can help here

Six-Strikes “Independent Expert” Is RIAA’s Former Lobbying Firm -http://bit.ly/WDkiPI they thought no one would notice...?

Hack4Health: London 2-4 November - http://bit.ly/UryDhp gives "hacking cough" a whole new dimension...

#CDB:# Snoopers' charter or improving security - http://bit.ly/QBDEjp excellent summary of the issues & problems - do read it

£7 million investment by #UK gov to promote innovation in #3Dprinting -http://bit.ly/Tsn7m4 sign of the times...

Humble #Ebook Bundle Breaks $1 Million; All The Authors Should Be Best Sellers - http://bit.ly/RptNww the future...

The Unitary Patent Package: Twelve Reasons for Concern, Max-Planck Institute - http://bit.ly/TMWqD1 a version open for comments

US Copyright Office consultation on #hostageworks, AKA #orphanworks -http://1.usa.gov/Tba6v3 your chance to comment (v @jdblanset @mathewi)

Translation of France's free software policy to be crowd-sourced -http://bit.ly/OWER6o all help gratefully received #fr #uk #freesw

Amazon Wipes Customer's Account, Locks All Ebooks, Says 'Find A New Retailer' When She Asks Why - http://bit.ly/QC9FaW still accept #DRM?

Police Opt Out Of Accountability - http://bit.ly/RXCkti what was that old phrase again? nothing to fear, nothing to something...#

Rights? You have no right to your eBooks.- http://bit.ly/TCN6kI fascinating new details about the norwegian amazon ebook case #drm

Beluga whale 'makes human-like sounds' - http://bbc.in/RXFHAw er, so maybe we could stop abusing them, hm? (v @sinkdeep @subtopes)

Tory culture wars laying waste to countryside - http://bit.ly/UtgCiP "Regulation is means by which civilised societies resolve conflicts"

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