Sunday, 28 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121026 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

U.S. looks to replace human #surveillance with computers - what could possibly go wrong?

#Pakistan To Start Monitoring All Emails, Phone Calls & 'Other Communications' With Foreigners - who will be next?

Mastodon Matrix Project - citizen science meets palaeontology – nice

Cisco's CEO Rips Into The Patent System & All Who Abuse It, Big Or Small - now many more do we need before acting?

#Georgia Aquarium Beluga Plan Raises Whale Culture Questions - shame on the people involved: this is so retrogressive

RIAA Apparently Forgot To Tell Six Strikes Coordinators That 'Independent' Firm It Hired Used To Lobby For The RIAA -

Breakthrough in world's oldest undeciphered writing -, maybe; nice use of crowdsourcing, though #linguistics

#Japan Was the First to Ratify #ACTA. Will They Join #TPP Next? - great summary of situation there

#Copyright: The New #Mercantilism - great way of looking at this

Scientist Refused Permission To Call Hominids 'Hobbits', Even Though Word 1st Used In Print In 1895 - Not By Tolkien -

"a storm of 'historic proportions' expected to strike US coastline" - nothing to do with #climate change, of course...

Conlon Nancarrow at 100: Chronological Collection - stuff - do try to listen to some if you don't know him

EU's DG Connect wants to know what we think of them -, anonymous online survey; why not mention #netneutrality..?

“Dalligate” begins to look like a crime novel - did #tobaccoindustry frame Dalli to stop anti-tobacco directive?

Ecologists preparing for boom in urban wildlife 'invaders' - boar coming to a street near you?

#microsoft: "had to shift our focus to security engineering" - it should have written better code to begin with

Fish in the desert - ever wondered how fish end up in a lake in the middle of the desert? here's how...

How a GMO, a pesticide, and a system can be toxic - Seralini - great point about hypocrisy from man at centre of storm

Chaos im Bundesvorstand: Doppelrücktritt erschüttert Piratenpartei - does this party have a death-wish or something?

Storm chaser's gorgeous photography -  nice stuff

Hans Werner Henze ist tot - "im Alter von 86 Jahren"

Light Entertainment - v fine piece on the widening #savilescandal (v @jojomoyes @indiaknight @IanMartin @Glinner)

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