Saturday, 13 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121011 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

A Tech Innovation in Detroit: Connect People, Not Computers - nice story about setting up wireless mesh network

European Parliament demands that Council stops derailing Unitary Patent - let's hope #ep #eu #swpats

Cloud Computing To Save Europe, Or Just Iceland? - harder than it looks #cloudcomputing #eu #is

Google Summer of Code Doc Camp - "partnership of GSoC, Aspiration and FLOSS Manuals"; nice

Rule 77, An Attack on Marine #Transparency - "would significantly limit access to information": not good #us

Are you ready for #drone dogfights?  How about combat flocks and swarms?  They are coming - yup

#China’s Internet founders climb ranks of country’s billionaires in new Forbes list - not done yet

Searching in the Dash in Ubuntu 12.10 – an Update - " Keeping the Ubuntu project sustainable"

Ai Weiwei kritisiert Nobelpreis für Mo Yan - "kein Intellektueller, der die heutige chinesische Zeit vertreten kann"

Anonymous declares war on WikiLeaks in retaliation for "paywall" - playground squabbles

CanberraUAV Outback Challenge 2012 debrief - fascinating piece on #drone fun in #au, written by tridge 

Bridge to Somewhere: #OpenData in Public Policy -"Transparency is Helpful but it Can't Solve Every Problem"

Geoscience Australia to License Satellite Images Under CC BY - great #au

US Secretary of Defense warns cyberattacks could threaten infrastructure - scaremongering much? #fud

S&D Group debate : #'Copyright: what is broken, how to mend it? - maybe it's irreparably damaged...

Microsoft gearing up to make smartphones, tablets & PCs in company-saving strategy shift - well, they hope it saves it

Top Rackspace lawyer: "We'd love to get rid of software patents" - practically everyone does - except the trolls

MLATs als Zukunft der Netzüberwachung - more bad stuff to worry about #surveillance

Romanian animal monitoring program proves open source's reliability - helpful #ro

# Amazon negociou obras públicas com MEC e pretendia estrear no Brasil em outubro - interesting #br #pd

#CryptoParty Like It's 1993 - a great idea whose time has sadly come (again) #surveillance

Edition Staatskapelle Dresden on Spotify - interesting list

GSK have promised to share all trial data: should we trust them? - what he said #opendata #pharma

The Fight Against Data Retention Mandates In Slovakia -, slovakia #sk

Nathan Myhrvold's Cunning Plan to Prevent #3D Printer Piracy - trust him to ruin a good idea... #sharing

Last Chance: Consultation on #NetNeutrality in EU - pl. respond before monday

#SOPA Is Back! … As a Ransomware Virus - spot the difference

KDE Manifesto: An Unexpected Party - useful background:#KDE is not a project, it's a process

Worrisome EU proposal on clinical trials - EC seems to care more about pharma profits than public health; no #opendata

Google’s African affair: An internet giant puts its money where its mouth is - interesting roundup (v @whiteafrican) 

Survey: Most Users Support “Do Not Track” Idea, Don’t Want Websites To Collect Their Data - got it? (v @jackschofield)

"Damit dürfte die EU-Kommission Bekanntschaft mit Barbra Streisand machen. hat ein Backup" - ha!

#Linus Torvalds Answers Your Questions - lots of interesting - and surprising - stuff #linux

#CETA: Governments Must Protect our Freedoms! - 'cos that's their job, even if they forget it frequently... #eu

AT&T Starts Six-Strikes Anti-Piracy Plan Next Month, Will Block Websites - which will achieve what...?

Spend Your Free Time Learning New #Languages (From Arabic to Yiddish) with Our Collection of 150+ Podcasts - nice

Apple puts money where its mouth is, pays for Swiss railway clock design - interesting: I thought it would fight

Google's Latest Web Speedup Strategy Aims at Apache - wins (well, apart from proprietary Web server cos...)

Open Government In Action: e-Petition platform launched in Montenegro - great move

It's official: #Opensource is an engine for growth - countries would be mad not to promote it

"founded site in 2003 as his personal blog. It quickly became a guiding force on the early Web" - huh? 2003, early???

The Next Battleground for Open vs. Closed: Your Car -; good analysis #opensource

Microsoft looks to roll Google into German patent suit -, yes, the "cornered rat" strategy...

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