Sunday, 7 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121005 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

Creepy #Smartphone Malware Re-creates Your Home For Stalkers - this is impressive - but worrying

Your Smartphone Is More Energy Efficient Than You Think - surprising stats

#Arduino Uno #opensource prototyping board comes to market - more toys

EFSA sidelines #GM maize food safety fears - #EFSA is just a joke #doublestandards

Now That We Know The Telcos Exaggerated About The 'Spectrum Crunch'; How About Some More #OpenSpectrum? - yup #commons

High Ranking Member of House Committee on Science: Evolution, Big Bang Theory ‘Lies Straight from the Pit of Hell’ -

UK Police secretly handed FBI evidence on Babar Ahmad while claiming own case collapsing due to lack of evidence -

#OpenSource #RaspberryPi WebIDE Alpha Released - nice

Kickstarting a free/open adult education book - great idea

Canada and Mexico Formally Join #TPP Negotiations Next Week; IPR Progress Slow in Leesburg - more fool them

Are Unmanned #Drones the Future of Journalism? -'re the future of most things...

#Copyright As Censorship: Author Removes Blog Post After Being Threatened For Quoting 4 Sentences - ridiculous

Google-Publisher Deal Ignores Elephant In The Room: Fair Use - yup, bad news #copyright

International calls, internet communication to be monitored in #Pakistan - hello encryption (v @bytesforall @asteris)

Webcam + sunshine + time = 3D model of your world - 3D fun with cameras

Texas Judge Who Beat Daughter In Video, Seeks Reinstatement - maybe he deserves something else (v @Asher_Wolf)

"Shell is arguing that because they are a corporation, they can’t be held accountable for these murders" - #MurderIsBad

(last v @suigenerisjen)

When Will We See Collisions for SHA-1? - "what an organized crime syndicate can budget by 2018"; fun numbers

No plans to cut UK abortion time limit, says Cameron - is shaping up as a real menace to society

Jimmy Savile behaviour was 'open secret' at BBC - BBC says "no evidence" of cover-up by management; yeah, right.....

#WestPapua faces 'losing identity' - "stop deforestation and protect indigenous culture" #indonesia (v @suigenerisjen)

Why does anyone want to be a Boy Scout anymore? - run by utter bigots in US; anyone know if it's better in UK?

Chinese-funded Zimbabwean elite military college opened by Mugabe - wow, talk about encapsulations...

Gorgeous time-lapse video of industrial Shanghai - #china

#Philippine president defends cybercrime law - "so we can have a clean Internet" (v @jilliancyork @Advox)#censorship

Laser Pointer - a crescendo of intellectual bravura: how can they be anti-science in the face of this? (v @kyrah404) 

Reading University Union ejects atheist society over 'blasphemous' pineapple - people are offensive: get over it

(last v @RichardDawkins @normative)

"Zimmermann passe 36 heures par jour à défendre les droits et les libertés des citoyens sur Internet" - (v @wikileaks)

UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, Sends First Tweet -, interesting: what's he been advised this will do?

"#PayPal now demanding back-end access to all files hosted on file-hosting sites regardless of user privacy settings" -

Superweeds, Superpests: The Legacy of Pesticides - #NYT wakes up to the Joy of #Monsanto (v @dangillmor)

#China's next industrial revolution will be driven by #robots - "there simply aren't enough human workers to go round"

The US Invaded Iraq Because It Wouldn’t Have Survived Otherwise - @falkvinge as fun as ever

Georgia Aquarium's Beluga Whale Capture Comes Under Fire - this is sheer callous selfishness

Venice takes to canals for independence - I'd vote for them (v @jmcest @igeldard)#it

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