Saturday, 27 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121025 -  yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

80 terabytes of archived web crawl data available for research - only???

Climate scientist gets compared to Jerry Sandusky, files libel suit - petty vindictiveness of denialists is staggering

EU-funded research shows mothers, children exposed to chemicals - chemical industry says "who cares?"

Visualizing Open Energy Data in Canada - nicely done#opendata

Apple slips as Android claims 41% of global tablet market - but but fanbois said this could never happen...

Why are Indians so active on Quora? - fascinating, nearly as active as Usians

The Industrial Radical‘s Radical Copyright Policy - kudos

Feds Continue To Consider Linux Users Criminals For Watching DVDs - ridiculous

Consumer group urges Aussies to spoof IP addresses - it all, really

Tobacco lobby focus switches from Dalli to Stoiber - companies corrupt everything they touch

Government Gives Samsung and Motorola #Monopoly Patent Grants; then Probes them for “Patent Abuse” - rather good point

Samsung widens global smartphone lead, as Nokia drops from top 5 - so how's that microsoft strategy going, nokia?

Will Proposed Pan-#Africa Intellectual Property Organization Enable The West To Impose Its Monopolies? - this is crazy

The Old Radical: How #Bitcoin Is Being Destroyed - view

Epsilon and Zeta - another research-based masterpiece from #xkcd

Twiterith - "first known use of the word “twitter” as a verb"; nice one, Geoff...

La #Hadopi aimerait faire de l'open-source, mais ne peut point (dit-elle) - can't imagine why...

Apple on UK website: Samsung didn’t copy the iPad…because “they are not as cool” as us - ha!

Welcome Windows 8 to a Post-Desktop World - great summary from Jim Zemlin how things have changed in favour of #linux

No Impunity: Armenian politicians duck justice - poor, long-suffering #armenia #corruption

Wholesale Murder of Africans - caused by drug patents pricing genuine medicine out of their reach

EU trade policy cannot ignore the Geneva conventions: the European Parliament must reject ACAA protocol with Israel -

European Parliament draws line in the sand: financial markets must not play with food - it's a start (v @asteris)

Surmounting the Insurmountable: Wikipedia Is Nearing Completion, in a Sense - well, yes & no...

The scandal of missing children: care home runaways are not tracked - important piece about dreadful situation in UK

NY Times blocked in China as it reveals Wen Jiaobao’s obscene family wealth - feet of clay again?

Hobbit makers ban uni from using ‘hobbit’ - time to make fun of the people who decided this (v @edyong209 @BoraZ)

interesting: #hobbit first used in 1895 - maybe that NZ scientist can use it... (v @putt1ck)

"offices of anti-tobacco campaigners in Brussels have been subject to a sophisticated burglary" - whoa (v @bengoldacre)

How Linux makes the post-desktop world possible - oh yes

#OECD Gets It: The Internet Works, So Don't Break It -'re lookin' at you, #WCIT #commons

UK Guidelines 4 Cases Where Jurisdiction To Prosecute Is Shared With Prosecuting Authorities Overseas [pdf] - views?

Berlusconi sentenced for tax fraud - sentence cut immediately, appeals underway; i.e. he gets off again (v @webmink)

No, #Copyright Is Not A Human Right - great post, hugely important point...

Lena Dunham remembers her first time – and Republicans are outraged - oh, humourless too...

Freemium app revenue growth leaves premium in the dust - look, those paid apps not doing so well it seems

Faulkner Estate Sues Sony Pictures Because Owen Wilson Quoted Nine Words (Incorrectly) - oh, come on #copyright

Philip Morris Sends Cease & Desist To Artist For Using Marlboro Box In His Art - story obviously needs some publicity

Deepwater corals may be key to restoring damaged reefs, survey finds - good news for a change

Scientist Refused Permission To Call Hominids 'Hobbits', Even Though Word 1st Used In Print In 1895 - Not By Tolkien -

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