Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121007 - http://bit.ly/WG3yor yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

Tool to calculate benefit of rooftop solar in Cambridge, Mass -http://bit.ly/PiTgLx sensible #energy

Microsoft - http://bit.ly/PiTjXr #xkcd's wisdom

YouTube expands original programming push to Europe - http://cnet.co/UxL4ZTcontinues its march into TV territory

U.S. Supreme Court to review #Monsanto seed patents - http://reut.rs/VDBzI1potentially big case #genepatents

Europe fears new epidemics, cost of vaccines - http://bit.ly/SH2ZdE people will die, in part because of antivaxxers' stupidity

EFSA' s breach of ethical code over Seralini review leads to resignation call -http://bit.ly/VPocmC #EFSA not coming out of this well #eu

Have we lost 41 percent of our musicians? Depends on how you (the RIAA) count - http://bit.ly/R5Z2PD excellent investigation of FUD

Motorola confirms death of Webtop, laptop accessories - http://cnet.co/Q7ylbebe interesting to see what happens with Ubuntu's version

It’s Time To Debunk The Myth That #Copyright Is Needed To Make Money – Or That It Even Makes Money - http://bit.ly/VPoQRb great piece

Shopping or browsing on Main St? India's Big Data firms know -http://reut.rs/UxMQdK because they're analysing CCTV feeds (v @dozykraut)

#TPP a major reason for John Key’s trip to Hollywood - http://bit.ly/Tkf1euthat's bad #NZ

Teenager's stomach removed after drinking cocktail containing liquid nitrogen- http://bbc.in/VDIBwl insane (v @bengoldacre)

The #EU budget discharge: Lessons on #transparency and the fight against#corruption - http://bit.ly/TkvU8U more ambition needed

The #Patent, Used as a Sword - http://nyti.ms/RpCWVD "$20 billion was spent on patent litigation and patent purchases in last 2 years" #nyt

EU #UnitaryPatent Vote: It's On, Again, Probably - http://bit.ly/OhHE9U please write to your MEPs to stop #swpats being legitimised further

Biofuel: feeds cars, starves people - http://bit.ly/Q7qEkf and therefore causes riots... #climatechange

Windows 7 overruns NHS Scotland - http://bit.ly/UN3nF3 short-term thinking again (v @Mark_Antony)#opensource

Recent Books on Geospatial Free/Libre #OpenSource Software -http://bit.ly/POd2Jj amazing how many there are #opengeo

Coming Soon: 1 Gbps Internet speed in India by 2013 - http://bit.ly/VPWjuHwow, India starts moving..

Lacking Fair Use Rights, Argentina Tries To Increase Access To #CopyrightWorks, With Mixed Results - http://bit.ly/OhKfAT 1 out of 2

.@glynmoodyüber den Ursprung von #ACTA und den Angriff auf #Demokratie &#Onlinefreiheit http://bit.ly/TlcyAt #nfa12

"#Urheberrecht ist schlecht für die Demokratie" - http://bit.ly/TbxSTE "Die Kultur wird von großen Konzernen dominiert" (v @AdV007)

Twitter: It’s time for patent trolls to bear the costs of frivolous lawsuits -http://bit.ly/Q8aBnn the pressure grows... #swpats

Wilde and Dickens unlocked through new APIs released by publisher Pearson -http://tnw.co/Oibwmz interesting but not sure about the t&cs...

Assange chums must cough up £93,500 bail over embassy lurk -http://bit.ly/VQG9kP classic El Reg headline...

Nostalgia for a Far Away Future Utopia - Luigi #Nono: Complete Chronological Catalogue - http://bit.ly/R9Hyi0 good, serious stuff

The open #GSM future arrives - http://bit.ly/WHvHLX excellent, we need this (v @open_spectrum)

Is the Public watching its Public Officials? - http://bit.ly/Uz8caA "why it is important that public officials live by a code" #transparency

Why You Should Be Worried About The #ITU's Bizarre Claim To Have A Mandate Over Internet Security - http://bit.ly/Oihcgt very worried

FAST calls 4 unlawful downloading regime to cover 4G networks -http://bit.ly/SY6IzQ never seen a new tech it didn't hate (v @copyrightgirl)

#Shell: Leck in der Leitung - 1000000 Liter Kerosin ausgetreten -http://bit.ly/UNt1JR & they want to drill in the arctic (v @jwildeboer)

Bioengineers Introduce 'Bi-Fi' - Biological 'Internet' - http://bit.ly/PPeeMy "send genetic messages from cell to cell" (v @open_spectrum)

#Linus Torvalds Will Answer Your Questions - http://bit.ly/TbU68d #slashdotasks you to ask

Did #ExxonMobil Pay Torturers? - http://bit.ly/Q8xpU1 #disturbing stuff (v @suigenerisjen)#indonesia

Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Others Launch Web Platform Docs, A Web Standards Documentation Site - http://tcrn.ch/UNBXz1 #openweb

Mistrust puts pharmaceutical industry in the spotlight - http://bit.ly/RqGtmx "We want to know whether there is any inopportune influence."

The guys from The Big Bang Theory will love mathematical search engine Symbolab - http://tnw.co/UzIin8 nice #maths

Matthew Woods Facebook conviction – we cannot keep prosecuting jokes -http://bit.ly/SYzh09 indeed, absurd (v @PoliceStateUK)

Share or Die: A Challenge for Our Times - http://bit.ly/SYApAR "If the commons are to triumph, they are going to need commoners." fine piece

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