Friday, 5 October 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121003 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD 

Simon Singh threatened with legal action for criticising health magazine - not again...

Teenage Engineering: If Our Parts Are Too Expensive, Here's How To Print Your Own - more, please #3dprinting

EC plans "follow-up to Green Paper on online distribution & conclusion of review of 2001 #Copyright Directive" [pdf] -

Come Celebrate 15 Years Of #Techdirt (And 50,000 Posts)! - amazing

Worldcam Helps You Find #Instagram Photos in Specific Locations - interesting, but think about #privacy implications

Respectful re-use - why does #naturegenetics feel so threatened by #opendata? (v @mrgunn)

Best Practices for Scientific Computing - shame: misses out most important - share your code #openscience

World Pretentious Property Organisation - shame on the biased & pusillanimous #wipo (v @jamie_love)

California To Commission 50 #OpenTextbooks For 2013; Finnish Teachers Write One In A Weekend - yay for #oer #fi

Delay Of Pirate Parties’ #WIPO Observer Status Raises Questions - big ones, too

Guy creates #opensource font for #dyslexic readers; gets copyright cease-&-desist threat - no good deed unpunished

RT @ThiruGeneva Brazil: If right holders can be granted treaties, the #blindshould also have the same treatment. >>too right #shameful

Advocates Ask De Gucht to Leave Data Exclusivity Out of Agreement with#Moldova - but what does he care about sick?

The history of #OpenOffice shows why #licensing matters - as ever #libreoffice

China: #Qingdao wird größter Hafen der Welt - makes it easier to get the beer out, I suppose

Bon Iver’s New Spotify Album Has 16 Crowdsourced Remixes - cool

DOJ Lawyer Explores 'Copyright Freeconomics'; Suggests #Copyright Needs To Change - people gradually getting it

Silicon Milkroundabout - "jobs fair to match UK's start-ups with developers, product managers, & designers" nice name

'#Ivory is basically a blood diamond' - "They tied the elephant to the tree till it died and then sawed its face off"

#Blender 2.64 improves green screen and compositing - of the most amazing #opensource programs around - do try it

Broadcast Treaty: "we have yet to hear a cogent explanation of the problem the treaty is supposed to solve" - #wipo

Facebook officially passes 1 billion monthly active users - this #facebook's #windows95 moment...? #riseandfall

Italian politician 'slashes tyres of disabled man'  - who dared to ask him to move Jag (v @LifeinSicily @stephanfaris)

Justice Department Calls #Megaupload Case A Success; Hands Out Cash To Cops To Do More Bogus Takedowns - huh?

World’s first REAL commercial open data curation project! - story, important points #opendata

Freedom of internet must be protected by governments, says William Hague - from gov that wants porn filters? #UK

AAP Publishers Get More Control Over Google As They Settle 7-Year Copyright Infringement Suit Over Google Library -

On #VPNs, Filesharing & Illusions - raises important points#security

Americans Are More Pro-#Torture Now than They Were Under Bush - Congrats, Obama, job well done...

"I am calling you from Windows": A tech support scammer dials Ars Technica - ha!

Stop Cyber Martial Law in Philippines - #epetition for what it's worth...

A futuristic net positive city - new canal between Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara: here's what to do with the dirt

MT @dangillmor Facebook says 1 billion users, as it approaches status of unregulated utility. Hello, antitrust people? >>gotta happen

File Sharing: Is It Wrong? - interesting stats, great analysis (v @PostActa)

The MPAA's Problem In A Nutshell: Views Relationship With The Public As One Way - remember: "consumption" is a disease

Fulfilling #OpenSource Promise – HP Is Hiring 50+ Developers For #WebOS - might have been better earlier (v @monkchips)

#Transparency International Hackathon - "to create innovative solutions to #corruption challenges": fab (v @Asher_Wolf)

Declaration on Parliamentary #Openness - this open stuff is getting everywhere #opensource #ogov

Gesetzesentwurf: Das #Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverlage darf nicht kommen. Zeichnet die ePetition! - bonkers #de

E-mail sharing is vanishing from the online news world - no real surprise there...

Does #OpenAccess Tackle, Perpetuate, or Exacerbate the Matthew Effect? - the real problem is Gold OA (v @evgenymorozov)

Farming 'shortcomings' undermines case for cull - looks like badgers are the scapegoat (scapebadger?), not the problem

Energy Company Plans to #Frack a Volcano - what could possibly go wrong...?

Novell hires David Boies in Appeal of Wordperfect Case v. Microsoft - haven't we heard this song before?

#HP's 2013 Smartphone Plans: Start Thinking About One - yeah, that'll work... #doomed

The New Imperialism: Forcing Morality Shifts & Cultural Change Through Exported IP Laws - good analysis of major shift

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