Thursday, 1 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121030 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Blair calls for directly elected European president, referendum - can't imagine who he has in mind for the job #poodle

Asus confirms #Nexus 7 tablet sales are approaching 1m units per month - doubt whether it will stop there, either

MPAA: Don't let MegaUpload users access their data - punish the public...

#EFSA cosies up to the biotech industry again! - clearly not fit for the purpose #eu

#Android jobs rocket as #iOS jobs stagnate - probably inevitable given the respective market shares

How A #Drone Might Save Your Life - interesting applications

Call for Release of Bassel Khartabil - "longtime CC volunteer detained by Syrian authorities since March 15"

UK Draft ICT Programme of Study - report written under chairmanship of someone from #Microsoft Research: O RLY?

#OpenSource Outlook in UK Government still Cloudy? - I'll believe it when I see it...

Greece: Free speech faces abyss - strong words; dire situation (v @HereticRepublic)#gr

UK Public don’t trust Snoopers’ Charter and say it’s a waste of money - because it is #surveillance

Google loses #Australia 'gangland' defamation lawsuit - (v @MsLods) 

#ACTA: el negocio por encima de los derechos humanos - behaviour (v @pro_defensa @PostActa)

Free orca Morgan - haven't we got beyond this kind of stuff? 

The #Commons as a Transformative Vision - it can be if certain forces let it...

How Romney used his church’s charity status to lower his tax bill - I always wondered what "piety" meant...

Faulkner Estate Keeps Suing: Sues Washington Post Over Ad That Quoted One Sentence - ah, yes, copyright maximalism...

Critical flaw found in sw used by many industrial control systems - closed source, on #Windows: what could go wrong?

MT ‏@glynwintle home sec: #ccdp bill not about the content of peoples communications >> it's clear she doesn't understand the technology

Clean IT: Auch der Verfassungsschutz sitzt am Tisch deutsche Behörden wollen aber nicht verantwortlich gemacht werden -

Regierung will Schutzfristen für Musik auf 70 Jahre verlängern - stupid: there is zero economic justification for this

Triangulation And Butter - nice explanation of why Theresa May doesn't know what she is talking about #ccdp

Scientists Move Closer To a Universal Flu Vaccine - hurry up, please...

The imaginary EU GM-Honey crisis is resolved - logic failure: assumes #EFSA knows what it is talking about...

French gov 'plans to hand Google €1bn tax bill' - report - I have zero sympathy for google here

Britain’s highest court brands US #rendition ‘unlawful’ -'t make any difference, of course...

Help Wanted - "I'm looking for someone to help me out with the stable #Linux kernel release process."

Internet Archive joins #OpenWireless Movement - nice

RT @glynwintle Home sec: this will not harm SME's or innovation in the UK#ccdp >>just liberty... #ccdp

#Monsanto sleight-of-hand in its NK603 maize study? - research analyst - more details, please...

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