Friday, 23 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121121 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

As Supreme Court Software Patent Ban Turns 40, It's Time To Stop Ignoring It - another nice analysis

South Korea Arrests Man For Re-Tweeting Oppressive North Korean Government; Wins Ultimate Irony Award - hilarious & sad

Shareable's Future Hangs in the Balance - this is very worrying

TSA/Airport Security: Killing Us On Christmas - important analysis based on statistics

Losing Humanity: The Case against Killer Robots - wants to ban them; great idea, but too late?

Company Sues Kickstarter Over 3D Printer Patent, Maligns 'Hackers And Makers' - absurd and insulting

Unitary Patent: a compromise that excludes the Parliament, the European law and its companies - update on the #eu farce

Allegedly defamatory content definitely de-indexed from Google UK, Google does not do this lightly, injunction likely -

Fixing Copyright: The Purpose Of Copyright - lest we forget

Counterfeiters counterfeit anti-counterfeiting notice - fakers gonna fake

Debate on Lithuanian Nuclear Power Deal Centres on Access to Information - unacceptable secrecy #lt

Expose Blatant Security Hole From AT&T... Face Five Years In Jail - absurd vindictiveness

Are you ready for appliances that are smarter than you? -'re here: fridges running #android

Dr. Fields at the Huffington Post is wrong on open access - how #oa

Paypal Bans Usenet Providers Over Piracy Concerns - reason to hate the awful #paypal

The Fixer's Manifesto: if it's broken, fix it! - nice

Historical look at #OpenInnovation - nothing new under the sun...

GM corn variety 'cannot be regarded as safe': Author of study linking food to cancer issues new attack - #dailymail

At next year’s Thanksgiving, salmonella may be among the fixings - this is insane

Supplying The Missing Ingredient In Evidence-Based Policymaking: Evidence - is that asking too much? #eu

Chevron files DiNapoli complaint with JCOPE - #chevroncontinues its bullying

#WCIT: the battle for hearts, minds and the Internet - backgrounder to the battle for control of the Net

Steven Sinofsky refused to build tablet support for Windows 7, frustrating Ballmer - more details emerge

Why we are making all #WCIT documents public - hugely important release: "overwhelming public interest case"

Weltkonferenz zur internationalen Telekommunikation: EU-Parlament lehnt ITU-Pläne zur Netzkontrolle ab - well done, EP

Europarliament unanimously passes resolution against #ITU asserting control over the Internet - well done #MEPs #wcit

FFII asks EU Court to accept amicus curiae briefs on #ACTA - good idea

Can we trust that increasingly runs our lives? - as usual,#bbc has no mention of #opensource (v @klang67)#fail

#Hadopi : forte baisse des envois de recommandés - but have they stopped downloading or just become more cunning?

How to follow events live at #WCIT - useful stuff

Paris 1200: Complete Works of Pérotin on Spotify - one of my favourites

U.K. Telecoms Regulator Ofcom Pushing For Licence-Exempt White Spaces Spectrum To Be Launched “Towards End Of 2013″ -

3D printing of personal electronics - potentially big

Canadian Supreme Court Serves Stunning Reminder of Patent Bargain - right to emphasise this aspect #quidproquo

EU, Canada attempt final push towards free trade deal - #canada cave on pharma? (v @mgeist)#ceta

Why Support The #Bitcoin Foundation - useful summary

#Jolla Sets Sail On The Smartphone Sea, Reveals Sailfish OS With #AndroidSupport - be mad not to #linux

#CETA: We are not Reassured - transparency long overdue #acta

WTO Dispute Body Hears Sides On Australia #Tobacco Law - outrageous weighing corporate profits against public health

Payright: A Copyright/Patent Reform Proposal To Make Piracy Obsolete - some interesting ideas

Stallman’s got company: Researcher wants #nanotech patent moratorium - indispensable if this tech is to take off

Hours to stop #Uganda's gay death penalty - shocking

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