Friday, 9 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121101 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Finally: UK #OpenStandards are RF, not FRAND - hugely important decision #opensource

Forget Patents: Why #OpenSource Licensing Concepts May Lead To #BiotechInnovation - interesting approach

Any Hint Of Evidence Based #Copyright In The UK Seen As Nefarous Plot By Parliamentary Copyright Maximalists - 

How will #openstandards change the future of government IT? - good summary of future challenges (v @swardley)#uk

Outrage as Antarctic ocean sanctuary talks end in failure - on #russia & #china (v @BoraZ @DrJudyStone)

Prop 37 and GMO Foods: Yea or Nay? - good summary

Editor Singel Departs Wired To Launch Publishing Tools Startup Contextly - so many journos leaving; perhaps I should...

Antonio Pizzigati Prize for #opensource Software in the Public Interest - $10,000 cash; closing date December 3rd, 2012

BitTorrent Pirate Ordered to Pay $1.5 Million Damages For Sharing 10 Movies - no defence offered; max fine

ORG is ready for legal action - or will be if it gets enough dosh.... #uk #digitalrights

Nexus 7: a perfect, low-cost, rugged, easy tablet that works for the whole family - yup #android

Megaupload Publishes Deal to Counter U.S. Extortion Claims - and so the game goes on

#eLife's first articles now online - exciting #openaccess (v @Eaterofsun)

#Asterisk 11 Comes with Long-Term Support, Can Replace Expensive PBX Systems - taken over the world, yet? #opensource

Muzzled by the Bots - provocative, thought-provoking stuff from @evgenymorozov, as usual #disintermediation

UK goes royalty-free... but not for COTS - @MarkJBallard has his doubts: what do others think? #openstandards

If Microsoft is building its own smartphone, Nokia will race RIM to the deadpool - true

Wired Editor-In-Chief Chris Anderson Departing To Be Full-Time CEO At Robotics Startup - 2nd journo to go today

#Surveillance Camera Man wants to know why we accept CCTVs but not a creepy guy with a camcorder - good point

Job: learning office Open Government Partnership -"building and engaging a strong civil society network" #ogp

A Bit Of 1984: Biometrics Used In Argentina Today - not good #ar

Harry Fox Agency claims copyright on Strauss - clueless#copyright maximalist is clueless

Fighting #corruption with bumper stickers and public toilets: ambient accountability - neat

Proposition 37 losing in late Business Roundtable-Pepperdine poll - amazing what well-funded lies can do (v @johnrobb)

German Company Wants To Protect Its Use Of The '@' Sign: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? - answers in an email...

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