Friday, 16 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121114 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

When armies become media: Israel live-blogs and tweets an attack on Hamas - will become common

Air Force scraps massive #ERP project after racking up $1 billion in costs - perhaps they should have used #opensource

Ballmer: Android Ecosystem Is Wild And Uncontrolled, Apple Is High Priced And Highly Controlled - desperate or what?

China's love affair with England - fascinating (v @ChinaBizWatch)

Cyanogenmod Domain situation has been resolved  - well that's good #opensource

#Android crushes the competition in China as it passes 90% smartphone market share: Report - wow

Artist Creates Real Clouds Indoors [PICS] - nice: every home should have one

London at risk of 'catastrophic' legionnaires' outbreak, report says - scandalous negligence & inaction by authorities

Mountain gorilla numbers rise by 10% - welcome but fragile gains; kudos to all concerned

Why Australia walked away from investor state rights in trade deals - And why Canada should too - be crazy not to

WIPO’s Broadcasting Treaty: Still Harmful, Still Unnecessary - worrying that this absurd enclosure is still around

140 French scientists condemn double standards over #Seralini - now this is interesting #gm

Europa-Abgeordneter Josef Weidenholzer über #CleanIT: “Terror-Abwehr nur ein Vorwand” - well, obvs

Google engineers open source book scanner design - great move

Recent Research Highlights Potential Of Open Access In Drug Discovery - hugely important avenue to explore

UK Supreme Court added to secret justice plans - appalling - why isn't #liberty jumping up & down on this? (v @jmcest)

The oldest living tree tells all - what a sad story

Calls for #Roche to release patient data on #Tamiflu - if they won't, EU governments should sue them #opendata

Brussels reacts to Erdoğan’s support for death penalty -"scandalous and provocative". quite #tr

The City as Network and #Commons - "The sharing economy turns consumer culture on its head." yup

Google declares Flash is now ‘fully sandboxed’ in Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS - sensible

UAE toughens law on Internet dissent - "for anyone who derides or caricatures Gulf Arab country's rulers" </facepalm>

Samsung Replies to Apple's Defense of Jury Foreman's "Deliberate Dishonesty" - could be fun

The 5 Ugliest #Apple Products Of All Time - a reminder that its taste is not infallible

Xi Jinping: 'big personality' taking charge in #China - useful intro to intriguing chap; pity he still dyes his hair

What journal rank has to do with music, movies and restaurants - good points #impactfactor

#EFSA's anniversary hit by protest over 'industry capture' of food safety - clearly well past its use-by date...

Weakening the #OA policy in the #EU - important comments from @petersuber 

#Android really is the new #Windows - yup #linux

Linus Torvalds: Quellcode lese ich nicht mehr - this might sound familiar...  #linux

RT @YourAnonNews Dear @IDFSpokesperson, it would be wise of you to expect us.>>truly, this is the face of modern warfare (v @asteris)

We should be spending billions fighting BATHTUBS, not #terrorism - fab piece about evidence-based policymaking

#China unveils new #drones aimed at buyers in developing countries - another significant milestone (v @schestowitz)

The Belief Genome: an #opensource technology startup -

Copie privée : les ayants droit rejettent toute idée de réforme - fat-cats refuse to give up their cream - how odd #fr

Seal cull will not revive Canada's cod stocks, say scientists - amazing how animals punished for our stupidity #badgers

Unitary patent about to being rushed straight into the wall - to MEPs might be a good idea (v @zoobab)#eu

BGH: Eltern haften nicht für Kinder (bei Filesharing) - reasonable

The State of #Mozilla - the official review of activities (v @alias_eitel @netzpolitik)

University Of Washington's Defense Of Twitter Limits On Journalists More Ridiculous Than The Restrictions Themselves -

Open Rights Group Applies To Defend Citizens Against Copyright Trolls - #consumerfocus passes on the torch

Spotify confirms beta launch of browser-based music app, currently only available to a “small number of users” -

Reinventing the Web - hark: the lizard wrangler speaks...

WhereCamp XMas edition [Berlin] - #opengeodata meetup

.@doctorow Speaking in London on Nov 24 about the Snooper's Charter - & I'm sure he'll do it well...

Time for #Palestine - epetition in support of its bid for #Unrecognition

Bugs Damaging #Monsanto Corn May Do Same to #Syngenta Crops - gosh, what a surprise. not.

Global Integrity Scales With $2.0 Million Grant From Omidyar Network - good news #transparency

Nature Publishing expands Creative Commons Attribution licence options - but only if you pay (v @teirdes)#oa #cc

OPenOil - "Current transparency & governance initiatives are necessary but not sufficient" interesting (v @netzpolitik)

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