Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121118 - http://bit.ly/TM07s1 yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#WorldBank's Climate Change Report Warns of Dramatically Warmer World This Century - http://bit.ly/Tb1fco well, well, well

#Africa: Let's Re-Examine AU Intellectual Property Stance - http://bit.ly/Wo9LIisensible stuff

WIPO Copyright Committee (SCCR 25) begins week of negotiations. Treaties for disabilities and broadcasting are focus - http://bit.ly/XriD1q

#EFSA: A playground of the biotech industry? - http://bit.ly/S5bP51 more criticism of this flawed organisation

Obama visit: Activists take #TPP protest to airport - http://bit.ly/T6fwoz good to see awareness of the issues in #thailand

Fraud fighter: 'Faked research is endemic in #China' - http://bit.ly/S5dwPJ brave chap

The online highway code: 3 simple rules to solve the internet -http://bit.ly/UPGrKO "Think of it as a crowd-sourced version of Dignitas."

PM to crackdown on 'time-wasting' appeals - http://bbc.in/TM1SWd er, aren't those "time-wasting appeals" what we call democratic discussion?

UK Collecting Societies To Adopt Minimum Standards - http://bit.ly/ZWQi1jabout time, no?

Now the power is yours! - http://bit.ly/S9cG2T another rather bizarre video from the European Commission (v @asteris @BrunoBrussels)

Attacks on Seralini "about large sums of money" - http://bit.ly/TbfQ8H "Séralini chose the same strain of rat as Monsanto." good interview

The Legacy of Linus Torvalds: Linux, Git, and One Giant Flamethrower -http://bit.ly/UCgpod the 3rd #linus interview in a couple of weeks...

Prime Minister misses the point on judicial reviews - http://bit.ly/WoK3U3intentionally, no doubt #democracy

Ray Kurzweil on the future of work: Lifelong learning and an #opensourceeconomy - http://bit.ly/TbjJtn (v @schestowitz)

Release An Unfairly Jailed War Hero - http://bit.ly/XViZMA if the facts are as stated here, this is absurd and unjust

EU finally supports binding Treaty Visually Impaired: offical statement at WIPO - http://bit.ly/UaeQl8 yes, at last: now US is only hold-out

#WHO Denies Industry Money Unduly Influencing Noncommunicable Disease Fight - http://bit.ly/TbrCA0 but no one believes them

#re:publica – Early-Bird-Tickets in unter einer Stunde ausverkauft -http://bit.ly/UafBe2 clearly the place to be next May...

New Book Teaches Kids #OpenSource Programming - http://bit.ly/UOXeI9great idea #education #hacking

Here is why Cisco bought Meraki for $1.2 billion in cash - http://bit.ly/UQau54pity they betrayed their #opensource roots early on...

Now five Environment ministers want review of GM approvals -http://bit.ly/Wp7FYN momentum continues to build #seralini #monsanto

This Trend Is Very Worrisome For Apple - http://read.bi/UCwpX9 two graphs that say it all #smartphones

Brevet unitaire européen: un compromis veut écarter l'Union européenne -http://bit.ly/Xsky5I #opensource & European Parliament under attack

Forthcoming book on conservative & libertarian skepticism about our #copyrightsystem - http://bit.ly/QThCvT v welcome trend (v @jeffjarvis)

The Debate over #Copyright Reform Cannot Be Censored - http://bit.ly/ROBxsUretracting a document or two won't stop it...

Future perfect? The JURI is out, and Europe waits ... - http://bit.ly/10gp8BGlooks like the #unitarypatent trick is going through #swpats

Dutch Cold Case Murder Solved After 8000 People Gave Their DNA -http://bit.ly/Q5B33n 'cos murderer gave his #DNA #doh

Court Decisions - http://bit.ly/Q5B9rS fun and games in #kazakhstan...or maybe not

Gmail In #Cherokee: Why Google Is Awesome - http://bit.ly/TbRifY wonderful news for the language: kudos #linguistics

World's most expensive #coffee tainted by 'horrific' civet abuse -http://bit.ly/10h4aTh we should have guessed this would happen...

App Developer Hijacks Customer Twitter Accounts In An Attempt To Shame Pirates - http://bit.ly/100tSMN strange how it always goes wrong

#Firefox for #Android Now Available for Millions More Phones -http://bit.ly/QTTHN8 will now run on #ARMv6 architecture

JSTOR provides free access to Wikipedia editors via pilot program -http://bit.ly/TU9OXQ great; now could the other 7 billion of us have it?

Actual Age Of Earth Is 'One Of The Great Mysteries'  - http://huff.to/S6BFpcno, this stupidity is "1 of the great mysteries" (v @normative)

wow, this is fun: the #BBC won't let me access the bbc.com site 'cos I'm in UK - http://bit.ly/Q5SK2Q ironic much?

Rep. Darrell Issa Wants To Make It Clear That You're Allowed To Rip Your DVDs - http://bit.ly/SZBYPZ ridiculous it needs a new bill...]

Activists’ #drone shot out of the sky for fourth time - http://bit.ly/URfQgj this will soon be too common to mention (v @drones)

The Owners’ Rights Initiative - http://bit.ly/UPGiBn "We believe in the fundamental premise that if you bought it, you own it" #us

Europatent latest rumour: is it "bye-bye, infringement"? - bit.ly/TcwuUs if true, this will be a disaster of epic proportions...

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