Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121126 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Worth a Thousand Words: On Elephants, Literally - why are elephants hairy? #science

Discussion program Regarding Nepal’s position at #WCIT - fights the evil empire #itu

German renewable energy drive brings emissions cuts success - & it has a thriving economy: US take note

Exposed: elite club of lawyers who make millions from suing states - time to ban investor-state provisions in FTAs

Google startet Kampagne gegen das Leistungsschutzrecht - took so long? #de #copyright

Four more ethnic Tibetans have self-immolated -"government booklet calling the Tibetan language irrelevant"

Bacon. - I hear some people like it

Open Access and the Prisoner's Dilemma - well put #oa

As Feared, #Brazil's 'Anti-ACTA' Marco Civil Killed Off By Lobbyists - frustrating waste of effort

Bt failure to hit GM cotton yield by 40%: Maharashtra Govt - 5000 farmer suicides expected this year in Maharashtra

No #TPP deal unless dairy and Pharmac are in, says Key - #nz

'I Am Bitterly, Bitterly Disappointed' in You, World's Best Father Tells Children in Heartwarming Letter - ah, bless

Court date set: Man facing rare refusal-to-unlock-encryption charge - bad law strikes again #rip

"proposals could “open the floodgates” for actions by non-practising entities" - EU Unitary Pat disaster (v @zoobab)

RT @MsLods @ellenbroad Aust govt's response to JSCOT's report on #ACTAwas tabled this afternoon:  #copyright #TPP 

Europe's €50bn bung that enriches landowners and kills wildlife - end this absurdity now #farmsubsidies

RT @ebxnews @MarietjeD66 told by @usambeu that internet freedom best protected by stakeholders not govts.>> e.g. the copyright industry...

China Hails #ITU Internet Takeover By Blowing Its Favorite Trumpet: Distrusting The US - out of the frying pan...

South African Bill seeks to impose jail sentence on gTLD offenders - seems a little harsh...

Politische Kampagnen von Google: Großkonzerne sind nicht immer Teil der Lösung, sondern auch Teil des Problems - wahr

Ericsson Files Patent Suit Against Samsung In The U.S. After Nearly Two Years’ Of #FRAND Talks Fail To Reach A Deal -

Google launches “Defend Your Net” campaign in #Germany to protest against planned #copyright restrictions -

In case you wondered just how much the EU hates #ACTA . . . - let's hope this is true (v @jjkaraganis)

Gathering Evidence for a Fact-Based #Copyright Policy - happening in the UK? interesting results...

Children and privacy rights within the family: are we normalising a surveillance culture? - great post

RT @OKFN Like what we've been doing? We need your support to continue and expand our work >>doing good stuff #openness

Misspokesman: IDF New Media officer poses 'Obama Style' - in blackface - interesting analysis (v @asteris @nealunger)

Google criticizes Russian authorities over service blockages and non-transparent blacklisting procedures - #ru

Free Market Failure: Telco Profit Margin On Data Roaming Exceeds One Million Per Cent - honest capitalism...

Hungarian far-right leader requests ‘lists of Jews’ - the mask slips #hu

Life Around Cooling Stars - wonderful stuff #science

Russian Supreme Court: ISPs Need To Proactively Block 'Illegal Content' - crazy ruling #ru

#OpenData and Privacy Concerns in Biomedical Research - tricky but important stuff

72 hours for #Palestine - will cameron bottle out? #un

Datalove USBs calling for Copyright Reform for each Member of the EU Parliament - hmmm

Apparently All That Stuff About Needing #SOPA To Go After Foreign Sites Was Bogus - let's remember this next time...

Dear RIAA: Pirates Buy More. Full Stop. Deal With It. - just about every study shows this: accept it

Schwangerschaft: Luftverschmutzung könnte Risiko für Autismus erhöhen - not those vaccines...

Credit card companies' WikiLeaks block just fine, EU says - gosh, EU really showing its indepedence there

Germany’s Bad, & Illegal, Proposal to Require “Ancillary Copyright” Licensing of Internet Search - if you missed it

Barnes & Noble Decides That Purchased Ebooks Are Only Yours Until Your Credit Card Expires - they really ebooks to fail

The Oracle v. Google Trial Transcripts Now Complete and Groklaw Honored - light reading for the hols

BitTorrent Site Owners Fear European Domain Name Seizures - not a good development

Wissenschaftler gegen Leistungsschutzrecht: “Gefahr unabsehbarer negativer Folgen” - well, indeed

From California to #India the GM Battle Rolls On - this time, it's global...

Deutschland will keine neuen Internet-Regeln - opposition to#ITU grows... #wcit

How Do You Say 'Twitter Joke Trial' In Chinese? - hey, that's not funny #china

Government to begin checking thyroids of children from outside #Fukushima - yikes (v @asteris @Michelle9647)#japan

EU Parliament Resolution on #WCIT flawed - gosh, look, same tired arguments (v @PostActa)#transparency #itu

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