Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121119 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

MT @MariaDamanakiEU EU measures for the #sustainability of stocks of Shortfin Mako and Portbeagle were not supported #ICCAT #sharks >> shame

Microsoft profite d'un couac local pour dénigrer OpenOffice et LibreOffice - getting desperate much?

Statement: call to action vs the planting of GMO corn in open field situations in#Mexico - more worried scientists

Moody’s downgrades France’s credit rating - nothing to do with me...

Here comes Vdio: Janus Friis’ video service launches private beta in UK and US - wonder how this will be

Framazic, l'entrée musique libre du réseau Framasoft par Martin Gubri - nice

Green farming agenda faces EU budget axe - incredibly short sighted

Why all pharmaceutical research should be made #openaccess - yup: the next battle #oa

Two-tonne Witch computer gets a reboot - "world's oldest original working digital computer"; beautiful

Why big data could sink Europe’s ‘right to be forgotten’ - point

MP Peter Lilley has received more than $400,000 in oil company share options - well, who would have guessed...?

Police chiefs criticised over undercover spies lawsuit - this is why we must not have secret courts #uk

RIAA Hammers Google With DMCA Takedowns In Six Strikes Prelude - insane abuse: they should pay a fee for each one

European public development money for #Monsanto? - unacceptable #ebrd

Apple's profits fetish could spell its DOOM - another voice

#HTC Rebuts Report It’s Paying #Apple $6-$8 Per Handset Under 10-Year Licensing Deal: “It Is A Outrageous Number” -

#Copyright Hardliners Adapt 'Copyright Reform' Language; They Just Mean In The Other Direction - </facepalm> #eu

Porn companies adopt facial-recognition technology -, imagine the social damage this will cause (v @kaatje36)

Horizon 2020: Defending #OpenAccess and #OpenData - at stake #eu

FSFE welcomes German Government's White Paper on "Secure Boot" - "device owners must be in complete control"

German Pirate Party Provokes With ‘Pirated’ Big Brand Poster Campaign - hey, now this is more like it

ZARA: Detox our Fashion Now - #zara being evil, apparently#epetition asking them to stop

Why doesn't your lab have a #3Dprinter yet? - soon, no one will even ask question (v @phylogenomics @sciencegoddess)

Orange et SFR lancent leurs offres de CDN. Une menace pour la neutralité du net? - good point #netneutrality

How To Code A Life - will #opensource #syntheticbiologyevery take off? will it be allowed to?

50 Shades of Grey in Scientific Publication: How Digital Publishing Is Harming Science - a sad, bitter little piece

Outrage as #Facebook Post Leads to Arrests in India - given the circumstances

Position on EU Horizon 2020 #OpenAccess policy - great stuff, especially eliminating sui generis rights on databases 

Will the Information Commissioner be consistent? - good question #uk

Report: Linux, Including Ubuntu, Faring Well on the Web - over the world(wideweb)

Zeitungssterben: Gruner+Jahr-Vorstand will "Financial Times Deutschland" einstellen - whoa, didn't see that coming #ft

German government advocates security in the hands of users - useful move #secureboot

US patent chief to software patent critics: "Give it a rest already" - world to Kappos: get lost (oh, wait you are...)

Shareholder resolutions for political disclosure enjoy significant support - great idea

State of the Species - fabulous piece about whether and how we might survive our own global success...

San Diego Refuses To Answer FOIA Requests About #Drones Because 'There Is Very Little Public Benefit' - yeah, right

Governo manifesta apoio ao Marco Civil - yeah, but artigo 15 is still there... #br

A free and open world depends on a free and open web. - & welcome move by #google regarding #wcit

The de-democratisation of democratised media - "If ignorance is no defence we at least need clear and concise laws."

Half of UK Internet users can’t say for sure if they have accessed illegal content - pretty ill-defined, then...

Myriad's Ways - in SCOTUS's sights - let's hope#genepatents

Europarliament Scolds Visa, MasterCard, PayPal For Killing WikiLeaks Donations; Initiates Regulation - pretty big

ITU: Draft of the Future International Telecommunications Regulations - good, detailed analysis (v @PostActa)#wcit

China überschüttet Europa mit Geld - 2Erstmals hat China mehr Geld in Europa investiert als umgekehrt." a milestone is doing some research on self-dissemination of work by scholars; v short questionnaire here -

Newspaper owner tells critic: No reviews of films featuring strong women - what a twit (v @onthemedia @sivavaid)

#Stuxnet's Infection Of Chevron Shows Why 'Weaponized' #Malware Is A Bad Idea - just in case you had any doubts

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