Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 121125 - http://bit.ly/UL4uqu yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

To Damon Krukowski & Everyone Who Is Concerned About #Spotify's Impact On Music - http://bit.ly/Yid6t4 useful analysis of the numbers

Examples of Non-Military, Non-Police use of #Drones - http://bit.ly/TdnPi0 a short list (add your own...)

EU-Kommissarin fordert Meldepflicht für Hackerattacken - http://bit.ly/TdnSu5 I suspect this will come #security

The ticking clock, stopped - http://bit.ly/QkB3fS another nice what-if? from Charlie Stross

Twitter Law - http://bit.ly/Tos5im "It is my theory that the pious busybodies have set their sights on Twitter"

UN Agency's Leaked Playbook: Panic, Chaos over Anti-Internet Treaty -http://onforb.es/V1DSQg #ITU even worse than I thought #wcit

Announcing: the Open Knowledge Foundation in #France -http://bit.ly/WQUqQX great news

Google reportedly gearing up to launch its own, 12.85-inch #Chrome OS touch notebook in Q1 2013 - http://tnw.co/10WJd0c interesting move

Kickstarter, Trademarks and Lies - http://bit.ly/Sochd8 oh dear, trouble brewing? #arduino

Can The FTC And DOJ Do What The USPTO Won't? Crack Down On Patent Trolls - http://bit.ly/YiCHCm oh, look, a monopoly

Call for Participation: Digital Openness Index - http://bit.ly/UVZHjO fascinating stuff #opendata #openness

Citizens coalition or industry frontgroup? Covert lobby for shale gas enters European Parliament - http://bit.ly/V1Fpph guess #fracking

OECD: Telcos Overcharging By Five Orders Of Magnitude -http://bit.ly/QkWOfC this is presumably what the #ITU wants for the Internet..#wcit

Facebook partially blocked in #Tajikistan on government’s order -http://tnw.co/YiLRib for who knows what reason...

Munich Shows How Open Source Saves Big Money - http://bit.ly/XV8Kt8#freiburg not looking so clever now #linux #de

EU plans to implement mandatory cyber incident reporting -http://bit.ly/YiMMPJ wonder how that will go down #security

Early-Morning Raid Sent To Confiscate 9-Year-Old's Winnie The Pooh Laptop For Downloading Music - http://bit.ly/10XsD0a yeah, proportionate

#jobs at UK's Open Data Institute - http://bit.ly/TeylFx the cool place to be (v @Rchards @OliviaBurman)#opendata

Another #fairuse victory for libraries - http://bit.ly/Tp2jul yay (v @copyrightgirl)

Bundestagskommission empfiehlt ständigen Internet-Ausschuss -http://bit.ly/QlmdpA pros & cons here... (v @jeffjarvis)#de

Wearing V For Vendetta Guy Fawkes Masks Declared Illegal In Dubai -http://bit.ly/TpzT3m was bound to happen

Doha climate talks: US defends 'enormous' efforts - http://bit.ly/QH0ZUu true: Obama has made an "enormous" contribution to climate change

The #CETA Leak: Major Outstanding Issues Remain in an Unbalanced Deal -http://bit.ly/V2IR33 big; #ACTA stuff is out

Mobildienst Weixin: Chinas Anti-Facebook will den Weltmarkt stürmen -http://bit.ly/Tgehmr can't see why westerners would join this

400 African organisations call for ban on #GM crops - http://bit.ly/SlXT6I pretty significant #africa

Open Rights Group To Intervene in Speculative Invoicing Case -http://bit.ly/110gMhW "ORG has reached a turning point in its development"

David Kappos' war on poor people, and his indifference to broader public interest reforms - http://bit.ly/TmKmtn he can't go soon enough...

SCOTUS leaves in place ruling that protects right to record police -http://ars.to/ReaESo I should hope so too

Google Type uses image search to generate fonts - http://cnet.co/V9dFVwclever; pointless, but clever

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