Friday, 9 November 2012


The Irresistible Rise of Android -  two data points - conclusive proof

#Copyright or creators’ rights? -  hugely important distinction: one matters, the other doesn't

Why Conservatives Turned Against Science -  setting your face against knowledge is incredibly stupid

Is #FRAND Dying? - yup, and good riddance #openstandards

Hollywood, European film industries unite to pressure Google -  wrong way round, surely...

Call for an Open Stack: Securing an open and competitive information environment for the next decade - important

Открытые данные — проблемы и решения -  nice summary #ru

“Six-Strikes” BitTorrent Crackdown May Target Private Trackers - this will end in tears

With New Patent, Microsoft Kinect Can See Who’s Watching - further proof you can't trust closed-source code

The #EU Commission Tries To Silence Data Retention Critic - nothing to hide, of course...

Mapping the #tobacco lobby in Brussels: a smoky business - rather, a cancer on the body politic #lobbying

Open Source #Ubuntu OS Makes Strides in Emerging Markets -  be crazy not to

Royal Society of Chemistry will charge students for re-using “Gold Open Access” articles - wut?  #openaccess

Apple v Motorola Dismissed with Prejudice - I know this is old news, but I do love that phrase "with prejudice" #frand

Pirate Party fights to unblock sites hidden by #Russia’s new #censorship law -  gotta admire their pluck...

Microsoft's 32GB Surface RT has 16GB of free storage - as the man said, no one will need more than 64K anyway...

“F*** You, This Is My Culture!” Pirate Party Rep Tells UN Meeting - wow, huge kudos to @teirdes(v @smarimc)#IGF12

Commission gives a warm welcome to unregistered #lobbyists: Dalli not alone in ignoring transparency - big problem #eu

UK publisher Pearson launches bundled education tablets in India - now that's showing a bit of innovation at last

Microsoft’s Shape the Future programme brings ‘affordable’ Windows 8 devices to UK school children - here we go again

Das Werk Andrej Tarkowskis: Polaroids eines Wahrheitssuchers - amazing director #tarkovsky

Facebook Joins Linaro Linux-on-ARM Effort - well, well, well

Top-Level Domain .Africa Becomes Object Of Bitter Fight - gosh, what a surprise

Innovation et licence libre en biotechnologie - merci beaucoup, chaps... #patents #biotech

Pundit Forecasts All Wrong, Silver Perfectly Right. Is Punditry Dead? - a watershed?

Webadresse weg: Kim Dotcom verliert - whoops

When A Mouse Requires An Internet Connection, You're Doing 'Cloud' Wrong - to say the least

#EuropeanCommission could open GM pandora's box - have they gone insane? look at the superweed disaster in the US

Open University Repackages Course Materials For The App Generation - #html5, #android, #iphone #ou

Why ETNO's proposals to ITU for Internet regulation & Non-#Neutrality are flawed & duplicitous - (v @superglaze)

“Women edit – Wikipedia and the Web” – ein offenes Netzwerktreffen - das erste Treffen im FrauenComputerZentrumBerlin

Chinas Provinzen: Megastadt im Schuldenstrudel - not a good sign

With Curiosity, Peter Molyneux Explores Whether A Cube Can Capture The World’s Attention - intriguing

Linus Torvalds Focuses His Keynote On Community Participation. Literally. - useful summary (v @amcpherson)

This Robotic Dragonfly Will Soon Flit Into Your Nightmares For $99 - oh yes #drones

Canadian #Copyright Reform In Force: Expanded User Rights Now the Law - a rare win for the public

Microsoft Office for iPhone, iPad, and Android revealed - to which we say: meh

ODUG calls on the government to deliver an Open National Address Dataset under the Open Government Licence - #uk

Defense Companies Becoming More Transparent - baby steps #transparency

Valve Steam for #Linux #Gaming Beta Opens with 26 Titles - winds of change

A Note to The Pharmaceutical Industry Upon The Re-Election Of Barack Obama - option 3 is the one you're looking for

Could US Election Result Reverse Ever-Stronger Copyright Protection? - seems unlikely...

Barack Obama stokes expectations of climate change action in second term - well, it's now or never

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