Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Microsoft Censors Pirate Bay Links in Windows Live Messenger - http://bit.ly/GPXCoW really, #microsoft? #censorship

Secrecy by default - the issue with the #NHS risk register - http://bit.ly/GRcsvH scandalous: where's that openness, Dave? (v @webmink)

Why accelerate discovery? reasons why we need #openaccess now - http://bit.ly/H3uOmr indeed: we don't have the luxury of time

#China Unblocks Sensitive Keywords - http://bit.ly/GRFCKf interesting times in the Middle Kingdom #censorship

#eircom Wants Country-Wide Three-Strikes Piracy Response - http://bit.ly/H8SV6K serving your customers (on a plate), huh? (v @copyrightgirl)

Pierre Boulez as Composer & Mahler Conductor - http://bit.ly/GQ0wdz nice & light for a monday morning </cough> #spotify

[updated URL] Battleship trailer to raise copyright awareness - http://bit.ly/GRtr14 "you wouldn't steal a battleship..."

Kickstarter to fund development of #Arduino-based, browser-controlled open source hardware automated gardening dome – http://bit.ly/H7q0xb

Prometheus bound: An important precedent for the next software patent case - http://red.ht/GQkbVc upbeat assessment #swpats

Is #Xbox the new center of the #Microsoft universe? - http://zd.net/H3LRdk obviously: it's the only part that isn't moribund

The Department For #ACTA - http://bit.ly/GRIvei come on, #australia - you've got to fight this (and #tpp)

Don't Steal Ideas, It Is Discouraging - http://bit.ly/GSjBoY au contraire, it's the basis of civilisation: not re-inventing the wheel

#RaspberryPi designer hints at future version - http://bit.ly/H3Nibz exciting

Mapping the Republic of Letters - http://bit.ly/GTGKuH cool: epistolary graph theory

Pirate Party Wins in Saarland Elections, Enters Parliament - http://bit.ly/H9TBYb political landscape continues to shift dramatically

Nature Publishing Group - When are you going to live up to your promises about "free" genome papers? - http://bit.ly/H5dkI7 shoddy #opengate

#Google ordered to close search autocomplete feature in #Japan over privacy complaint - http://tnw.co/GQW1K4 overreaction much?

Promusicae me denuncia por infracción a su honor - http://bit.ly/H4OCc8 honor??? (v @SinkDeep)

Big Brother Watch is looking for an "intern" (do we have such things in the UK?) - http://bit.ly/H5fuYj #privacy #civilliberties

Disarm the Gallery - http://bit.ly/H4PDkq is the National Gallery in bed with arms dealers? oh, the nobility of art...

Letter to European Parliament Civil Liberties Committee on #ACTA - http://bit.ly/H4Rsxy good stuff

Open Digital Policy Organisation needs sponsors - http://bit.ly/GRcUba for work on standardised personal data licences (v @lilianedwards)

UK hackers hack together job site for UK hackers - http://tnw.co/H48GgT excellent idea #jobs

Music Industry Can See The Light After ‘Least Negative’ Sales Since 2004 - http://bit.ly/H41wEj but can they see the reality?

Dörings Tyrannei-Vergleich empört die Piraten - http://bit.ly/GQztJK it's called democracy: maybe you should try it #tyranneidermasse

a brownie point goes to the UK #GreenParty for being the first to respond to my email about #ACTA - and positively #INTA

RT @MsLods Judgment in Golden Eye's Norwich Pharmacal Order application; ISPs to provide users' details - http://bit.ly/H382Bo important

RT @MsLods Judgment in Golden Eye's Norwich Pharmacal Order application; ISPs to provide users' details - http://bit.ly/H382Bo important

Google to patch Android DoS exploit using fixes provided by Italian researchers that found it - http://tnw.co/H5QqBx joys of #opensource

Indian Ministry blames Bt cotton for farmer suicides - http://bit.ly/GRNKLK important statement #india #gm

Kim Dotcom: The US Government is Wrong, Here’s Why - http://bit.ly/H4tcJg looks like it could really be fun to watch this one

MPs try to overturn 'God can heal' ad ban - http://bit.ly/GRWGtw all politicians should be sent on compulsory statistics course...

Not a Normal Killing - http://bit.ly/GQUB4j utterly depressing tale about #poaching; #china & #vietnam mainly to blame, it seems (v @BoraZ)

#ACTA: "What does “endeavour to promote cooperative efforts" mean? [pdf] - http://bit.ly/H694bc good analysis of bad idea (v @netzpolitik)

Entertainment Industry Was Eager to Work With Megaupload - http://bit.ly/GS2pqp curioser & curioser

Spain's anti-piracy law may already be obsolete - http://reut.rs/HaOAzX Internet evolution (v @copyrightgirl @CopyrightReport)#sinde

Save the #Amazon - http://bit.ly/GQgbbQ it needs our help #epetition

Why Patent Lawyers Are Clueless About the Software Industry - http://bit.ly/H99Va8 yup: lots of good point #swpats

How Monopolies Strangle Innovation: Record Label Demands Making Investors Nervous About Spotify - http://bit.ly/GRBsNB hating the new

How Piracy Created The Massive Movie Industry Success Of Nollywood - http://bit.ly/HcsrBw fascinating #nigeria

Questions for News Corp over rival's collapse - http://bit.ly/GRpmnP not due to #piracy, as claimed?

#Eircom admits user disconnection is illegal; wants other Irish ISPs to do it anyway - http://bit.ly/GOylqO wow

Building a #GSM network with #opensource - http://bit.ly/H8G0no neat stuff

The Grammar of Happiness: An Interview with Daniel Everett - http://bit.ly/H6YAvB "the Pirahã language is like the Basque of the Amazon"

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