Wednesday, 7 March 2012


German Government Wants Google To Pay To Show News Snippets - nicht logisch #de #newspapers

“The Most Outstanding Fact.” - I agree; this is why we need science: once you understand this fact, wars become absurd

#RaspberryPi interview: Eben Upton reveals all - well, lots, at least #linux

Cato Versus Caesar - excellent point about the irony of this situation

DARPA Cheetah Sets Speed Record for Legged Robots - coming to a street near you: be v afraid

The #SOPA-#TPP Nexus - looks interesting

why open education matters: competition - #openeducation #cc

History Shows That Copyright Monopolies Prevent Creativity And Innovation - it's just a fact

The Lessons of Paris-on-Thames - #london "the sixth-largest French city": zut alors (v @gchampeau @GillesKLEIN)

ORGCon 2012 - coming soon; lots of fine speakers

Why Digital Texts Need A New Library Of Alexandria -- With Physical Books - no, really #ebooks

Digital Economy Act Judicial Review mostly fails, but we still don't have workable legislation - good analysis #deact

#LouisVuitton's International Tour Of Trademark Bullying Runs Smack Dab Into UPenn Law School - nice smackdown

European Commission should investigate all options as regards Data Retention - junk this knee-jerk law

Why Autonomous Drone Tech is Advancing so Quickly - good point

Impact Assessment for #ACTA - where is it? remember, European Parliament, you wanted this?

Embattled scientists publish study linking (surprise) diesel exhaust and cancer - shame on industry for fighting this

ACTA Update X - #BASCAP/#INTA's #ACTA defence has gaping logical hole in its argument

#LulzSec leader "Sabu" worked with FBI since last summer - betrayal is always sad

Anti Digital Economy Act March - good to see this is back on people's radar #deact

How The Runaway Success Of A Tiny $25 Computer Could Become A Big Problem For Oppressive Regimes - #raspberrypi

BT & TalkTalk v Business Secretary - detailed, rather depressing legal analysis (v @copyrightgirl)#deact

Publisher opposition to #FRPAA - oh, they want a fight, do they? bring it on, says I... #openaccess

An #opensource robo-surgeon - gosh, even talks about #linux

Rep. Darrell Issa opens up secretive intellectual property “treaty”, #ACTA, to the public - come on, US (v @jwildeboer)

#ACTA en el Parlamento Europeo: Entrevista con Michael Geist - good summary of last week's meeting (v @StopActaNow)

A Strategy Looking Through #ACTA and Beyond - excellent thoughts

Permission Taken -- a summary and outline - great project about freedom from @dangillmor

They. Just. Don’t. Get. It… - academic publishers, that is; and they don't #textmining #openaccess

The French farmers fighting the taboo of #pesticides - this could be really big

Attacking The Hacker Hydra: Why FBI's #LulzSec Takedown May Backfire - good points

#ACTA: Κλίμα νίκης του κινήματος ψηφιακών ελευθεριών αλλά ο αγώνας συνεχίζεται - good summary for Hellenes

RT @jamie_love Anti-#Sopa & anti-#ACTA has had a positive impact on #tppa negotiations. At least there are lots of brackets on US proposals.

Notes from Internet Stakeholder Briefing @ #TPP Melbourne - useful sketches (v @MsLods)

Warner Bros’ False Takedowns Stifle Free Speech, EFF Tells Court - could have big implications #dmca

Only Hollywood Would Think That This 'Disc To Digital' Program Makes Sense - utterly deranged

“Anonymous is a huge sprawling octopus, and Sabu and his buddies are just a few suckers" - nicely put

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