Sunday, 18 March 2012


#Schubert forever! Or at least, a whole week on BBC Radio 3 - hooray, I can listen to complete works again

The Power of Open - el lanzamiento de la versión en español del libro #es #openness

Britain’s original (17th century) information revolution - fascinating tale, well told

Maine Demands That The US Be More Open And Transparent In #TPP & Other International Trade Negotiations - good for them

Lessig, Doctorow, Seltzer - #ORGCon 2012 tickets selling fast! - the place to be next week #london

Bundesregierung: #ACTA-Transparenz gefährdet Öffentliche Sicherheit - doubtful; and if so, only because of secrecy

Bruce Springsteen, Another Pirate Remixer! - they all are, but only some admit it

Dog mess could be subjected to DNA testing under plans being considered - you can see where this is going (v @cstross)

Global Censorship Monitoring System - looks interesting

Greece develops cashless, Euro-free currency in tight economy - our future? (v @mbauwens)

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