Friday, 23 March 2012


Falkvinge at TEDx Observer - in full flight on the origins of the #PirateParty

#Ebooks #VAT should be slashed to zero in 2012 budget, say publishers - quite right too: absurd anomaly

#Amazon Taps #Eucalyptus as Private Cloud Partner - important point about #openstack (v @swardley)

Saarländische Piraten: Abhängigkeit und restriktive Lizenzen sind “gutes Recht” - #Pirateparty drinking too much rum?

Совместный перевод Open Data Handbook на русский язык - good cause needs help #opendata #ru

Australian Gov't: Not In The Public Interest For The Public To Be Interested In Secret Anti-#Piracy Negotiations –

Demand a robust lobbying register - one with teeth #uk

Pirate drones? An alternative ... - nice: "I believe the Pirate Bay should be looking down at the sewers"

#Iceland: Haven of Openness? - first the #IMMI, now this #opensource move for government

MT @MetalSamurai If publishers want equivalence, then perhaps they should allow eBooks to be property & not a restrictive, unfair licence.

Can the #NSA Break #AES? - the 1024-bit question: Uncle Brucie says "no", er, "maybe"...

#TPP talks wrap up without American dairy offer - "the balance is subtly shifting against the US position."

response to #Hargreaves on #copyright reform: #datamining - important stuff from @petermurrayrust

Google condamné à désindexer le passé d’une ex-actrice porno - "right to be forgotten"? (v @JustinBrookman @klang67)

The numbers behind the #Copyright Math - lots of great links backing up the nos.

Ed Vaizey denies Comms Bill green paper delayed till post-Olympics - watch out for the ideas from #SOPA - then protest

MT ‏@jamie_love For the blind, International Publishers Association (IPA) wants to delete this: "at prices affordable in that market" >>scum

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