Sunday, 11 March 2012


What will the #NHSbill do? I don't think you're worried enough. Read this, write to your MP - I will (v @mikebutcher)

Google says #Brazil’s #copyright agency can’t charge bloggers who embed YouTube videos - #google wades in

Google Begins to Scale Back Its Scanning of Books From University Libraries - wonder why

Insect Experts Issue 'Urgent' Warning On Using Biotech Seeds - sounds pretty dire #gm

#Canada threatens trade war with EU over #tarsands - pathetic

International Space Apps Challenge - "to build, create, and invent new solutions to challenges of global importance"

In rebuilt Grozny, an awkward peace with Russia - excellent report about a forgotten land #chechnya #caucasus

#Hargreaves and information mining: I request freedom to mine factual data from Nature Publishing Group full-text –

The Extradition Farce - why the delay in reform? - quite, needs fixing now before more injustice (v @wikileaks)#uk

Why #ACTA is so mercilessly pursued - good point about outsourcing and branding

#Japan will trotz Kritik weiter Wale jagen - pig-headed national egotism (sorry, pigs...) #whaling

Netkups: World’s First BitTorrent / Cyberlocker Hybrid - more innovation

Understanding #ACTA - "ACTA from a marxist point of view"; analysis from an unusual perspective

India drops plans for government control of Internet - well, that's a relief

Become part of the Internet Freedom Movement - your, er, Information Superhighway needs you (v +William Gunn)

MT @publicknowledge On #ACTA,@lcrenshaw(Issa's office) says to expect "pushback" on idea it doesn't need ratification. #SopaPipa #SXSWi

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