Tuesday, 13 March 2012


All agree with Karel de Gucht - http://bit.ly/xXRWG1 of #ACTA and #TRIPS

10 ways big data changes everything - http://bit.ly/wLuSLp 10 case studies #bigdata

Jimmy Wales: #Wikipedia chief to advise Whitehall on policy - http://tgr.ph/wC0SF9 good news [citation needed] (v @Coadec)#uk

#OrphanWorks: Mapping the Possible Solution Spaces - http://bit.ly/zvGqm0 hugely important problem

After years of intense competition and legal battle, Chinese online video giants #Youku and #Tudou merge - http://tnw.co/x0xpQm wow

Can big data fix a broken system for software patents? - http://bit.ly/wIzpP0 nope; here's why #swpats

Newspapers moot dropping Doonesbury during transvaginal ultrasound plot - http://bit.ly/zWGhf3 misogynists or just spineless?

Bundesregierung beantwortet kleine Anfrage zu #ACTA, #IPRED und Warnhinweisstudie - http://bit.ly/wn2hNQ interesting snippets

India Controller General for Patents issues order granting Compulsory License in the matter of NATCO Vs. BAYER - http://bit.ly/yda5qd good

Why Does An Unpatentable 'Abstract Idea' Becomes Patentable If You Add 'On The Internet'? - http://bit.ly/xUf7Y4 kill it, #SCOTUS

Why Does An Unpatentable 'Abstract Idea' Becomes Patentable If You Add 'On The Internet'? - http://bit.ly/xUf7Y4 kill it, #SCOTUS

National Libraries and a Museum open up their data using CC0 - http://bit.ly/xHeYFu others follow, please

EDPS opinion on the data protection reform package - http://bit.ly/ziBV9T useful analysis #privacy

Mary's Monday Metazoan: O Beautiful Salad - http://bit.ly/AuvvJ7 what a wonderful image

Warehouse Fire in Peru Destroys Educational Materials and 40,000 XOs - http://bit.ly/yFpV65 sad loss

Kontaktiert jetzt Eure Europaabgeordneten und stoppt das Fluggastdatenabkommen! - http://bit.ly/y7gO5z important stuff

Why #Monsanto Thought Weeds Would Never Defeat Roundup - http://n.pr/zfHSTG incredible hubris

3D printer knocks out tiny objects - fast - http://bit.ly/xrvAbD as in grain of sand tiny; amazing #3dprinters

#TPP Reveals U.S.'s Unbridled Corporate Agenda - http://bit.ly/zxqsMY great analysis; non-US countries would be mad to sign

PirateBox Takes File-Sharing Off The Radar and Offline, For Next To Nothing - http://bit.ly/yopkTq inevitable move

India Issues First Compulsory Licence - http://bit.ly/Ahhrox #msf on groundp-breaking move #generics #pharma

How #patent monopolies work in reality, outside of fairytale land - http://bit.ly/wrKF3v not about innovation, all about litigation

UK Gov issues DA notices over imminent #WikiLeaks leak - http://bit.ly/w5WeRy UK government still clueless (v @schestowitz)

#Afghanistan: Mainstream Media Awakes - http://bit.ly/wMUDME let's hope: time to end this madness

Pepys Road: online story about Londoners weathering the crash - http://bit.ly/xcufNv nice idea, but I'm a little disappointed by the book

'Don't Get SOPA'd' Is The New Mantra On Capitol Hill - http://bit.ly/w8wGWb great to see SOPA become such a toxic brand

#HTML5 = new world of hackable games - http://bit.ly/z9gapF interesting idea

Kim Dotcom: Many #Megaupload Users at the US Government - http://bit.ly/yDlNjb well, naturally

#Kony 2012's Visible Funding: Invisible Children's anti-gay, creationist, Christian right donors - http://bit.ly/y13HiE well, well, well

Putting Lives Before #Patents: #India Says Pricey Patented Cancer Drug Can Be Copied - http://bit.ly/yytOhC good, detailed analysis

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