Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Liberating America's secret, for-pay laws - more #copyright insanity

Samsung launches its first online store in #India, strengthening its bid to overtake Nokia - more bad news for #nokia

Oz billionaire says CIA backs Greenpeace - conclusive proof that money makes you stupid

Waive VAT on #RaspberryPi - interesting #epetition UK people might care to sign

#Google Steps In To Defend #Hotfile From “Overbroad And Ill-Conceived” MPAA Lawsuit - interesting move

#Amazon to Buy #Robot Maker for $775 Million - intriguing: to use or to sell?

How The #Copyright Industry Drives A Big Brother Dystopia - look at the facts, look at the pattern

USians: Take Action: ISPs Selling Out Customers, Pushing Backdoor SOPA - remember #SOPA? (v @petermurrayrust)

Welcome to the #OpenData User Group - more good moves by the UK gov on this front #community

torrentblocking by dutch university to be illegal/against #netneutrality says Verhagen - quite (v @adV007)#nl

Citizen #Surveillance and the Coming Challenge for Public Institutions - yup #privacy

British National Arts Program Aims To Rob Thousands Of Kids Of Their #Copyrights - shows (c) is too hard to understand

Free 3D-Printable Kit To Connect Different Toy Construction Sets Released -- But Partially Blocked Due To Patents –

UK #Copyright Industries Suddenly Become Fans Of #Evidence-Based Policy Making - on the road to Damascus...?

Big Media drags 142,000 through UK's courts IN A YEAR - interesting analysis #bbc #tv #iplayer

Internet Accounts for 4.7% of the U.S. Economy [STUDY] - maybe we shouldn't mess it up with #ACTA et al.

EU commission admits mistake on #Acta - still obsessing about #socialnws (v @jerezim)

Supreme Court saves medical profession from diagnostic #patents - a good win, but not very broad

Bad Idea: Internet Service Providers Should Assume Most Digital Locker Content Is 'Illegal' - #censorship here we come

Unanimous Supreme Court decision invalidates Prometheus diagnostic test patents - good, detailed analysis #brca

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