Friday, 16 March 2012


Spotify Finally Launches In #Germany -- And Immediately Hits Data Protection Problems - poor old #spotify

Wirtschaftsdialog zum Urheberrecht: Über aber ohne Nutzer?! - as usual... #ACTA

Everywhere I’ve Been: Data Portraits Powered by 3.5 years of data and 2.5 million GPS Points - nice

#Serbia to adopt #ACTA for EU membership: Official - not good, but probably inevitable

Assad emails reveal a close watch on social media – and the need for Twitter to clarify some of its policies - quite

#Pfizer says Europe undermining drug innovation - has gall to complain about freeloading: cf. #TPP (v @jamie_love)

Public sector IT chiefs given go-ahead to use #opensource systems for security - still needs saying? (v @czajkowski)

Microsoft's Open Standards Fairy Tale - will MS promise to be #opensource's Fairy Godmother? #FRAND #RF

#TPP Talks Deadlocked; Still No #Transparency - some grounds for hope? #generics

A golden age of #opensource #innovation? - you be the judge

#Slovenia's Big Pay 'Wall' Has Made €26,000 - a bit footling, no?

Bundesregierung ist weiter für #ACTA - boo, hiss

Computer Aided Design the FLOSS way: An Interview with Franz Reiter, lead developer of gCAD3D - sounds rather good #cad

This is cool: An open data standard for food - weird, but good

Encyclopedias are like journalism: It’s better when they are open - but of course

U.S.-#Korea trade deal is bad for both countries - people waking up #tpp (v @PCGTW)

UK Scientists to be protected from #libel - can't come soon enough (v @kzelnio @BoraZ)

CSU-Netzrat legt 2. Positionspapier vor - surprisingly clueful, especially on #ACTA

#Copyright Math: a quantitative reasoning master class by Rob Reid - sharp analysis, hilarious video - don't miss

Trademark issue forces #KDE's "Spark" tablet renaming - </sigh>

MPAA Exec: Only We Can Make Content That People Want - incredible, just incredible #ugc #sopa

Keine Verzögerung: #ACTA jetzt im Europaparlament abstimmen! - maybe a good idea

Kevin Rose Will Join Google - but what will he do there? (v @davewiner @mpesce)

Bunnie Huang's open Geiger counter: design notes and reference - cool

Is Piracy the New Advertising? - well, obviously

2-Strikes im Wirtschaftsministerium gescheitert - "surveillance off the table" #de

Authenticated electricity: Sony power outlets will charge you for charging - what could possibly go wrong? #lockdown

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