Friday, 2 March 2012


Wij, de Web Kinderen - Dutch translation of #webkids #nl

Biz, Web Çocukları - #webkids translated into Turkish #tr

MT @zoobab Censored legal analysis in European Parliament on #ACTA get leaked, still problems to access them legally

The Arrival of Nanopore #Sequencing - excellent update on exciting developments #dna #genomics

Introducing #Collusion: Discover who’s tracking you online - fab idea; pity it crashes #firefox instantly for me...

Verisign seizes .com domain registered via foreign Registrar on behalf of US Authorities - solution: don't use .com

KEI submission to WIPO patent commitee commenting on the US proposal on patents and health - excellent points, as ever

Documents: #ACTA and Access to Medicine - great resources from

EU standards reform: Carte blanche stifles open formats - shame on them (v @jmcest @zoobab)#frand

Does #Guernsey Really Want To Become Famous -- And Ostracized -- For Introducing Image Rights? - will end in tears

Illegale Fans sterben aus - more realise: #copyright industries are thriving: we don't need #ACTA (v @netzpolitik)

don't miss: brilliant @mgeist analysis of #ACTA flaws, to be given in front of #INTA - great points

RT @DaHammerstein At #ACTA workshop in EP. Twice as much time for pro-ACTA speakers than critical ones.>>biased much?

RT @jerezim'@MichaelGeist:"Costs of #ACTA exceeds its benefits"

'We, The Web Kids': Manifesto For An Anti-#ACTA Generation - I do hope Mr #DeGucht has read it..

RT @StopActaNow#ACTA is a counterfeit agreement without the counterfeiters @mgeist>>exactly - useless, in other words

MT @jerezim Moreira, #DeGucht 's lapdog, is freaking out because people applause @mGeist so much!!! "no demonstration" haha #ACTA

#ACTA - Time to Win! - new #avaaz epetition; time to go for 5 million?

RT @JanAlbrecht Absolutely unacceptable that #INTA chair wants to remove applauding people from #ACTA hearing. #EP (cc kgerlott)>>quite

RT @MarietjeD66All MEPs in the room should clap next time, just to make a point, we can't be removed (#ACTA) <<brilliant idea

RT @StopActaNow MEp Carl Shyler Asks to reconsider the policy of not applauding. #ACTA >>bravo

Edging toward the fully licensed world - great post about the locked-down world that #ACTA would create

RT @teirdes De Gucht: commission has NOT evaluated effects of ACTA on European digital market.>>maybe they should resign for this failure

foursquare is joining the #OpenStreetMap movement! Say hi to pretty new maps! - #opengeo takes over the world

RT @jerezim#DeGucht replied to my question that he saw no problem in being a #CopyrightTaliban... #ACTA #ChangeCopyrightNOW! >>ha!

Kim Dotcom’s first TV interview: ‘I’m no piracy king’ - Video - fascinating stuff (v @LilyLivingstone)#megaupload

Stop Asia Pulp & Paper pulping Indonesia's rainforests - shame on #Xerox, #Danone and #NationalGeographic

MT @EDRi_org Commission official at #ACTA hearing appears not to know that "fair process" is not a concept in international law. #actaws

RT @StopActaNow MEP asks to Olivier Vrins (pro #ACTA "independent expert") to confirm or deny if he is member of @_INTA Lobby Group. #ACTAws

RT @jerezim What is a "fair process" (new notion) defined in #ACTA and why is it not a "fair trial" (established fundamental right)?>>NB

MT @StopActaNow"Yes I'm am a member of @_INTA"- Oliver Vrins #independentexpert #ACTA.>>& where are reps of the public?

Anonymous says it was infiltrated - always going to be a risk

What the US government tells European parliamentarians about #ACTA - no surprise, but worth noting

The New Ambiguity of "Open Government" - #opendata #ogov

Record Labels Threaten the Open Internet, isoHunt Tells Court - true

Make little, Make often: ideas for the future of manufacturing in the UK - certainly needs to be different

Map of a notional city whose streetnames come from iconic place-name songs - clever & beautiful

#RIAA CEO Hopes SOPA Protests Were a 'One-Time Thing' - ha! - this man is a born comedian; dream on, Cary

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