Sunday, 25 March 2012


Finding Success In A Wasteland By Being Open, Human And Awesome - nice story

Of genies and bottles and wishing for shoehorns - & let's not forget #SOPA and #ACTA

ISOC Hires #MPAA Executive Paul Beringer - #ISOC just lost any credibility it may have had

"What's an open standard?" says ISO - #ISO is a joke (v @jwildeboer)#openstandards

Tomorrow, March 25, Germany votes Pirate again - will be an interesting test for them #de

Surveillance System Can Recognize a Face From 36 Million Others in One Second - this will end in tears

ValCom sues Megaupload for up to $900 million in damages - based on #copyright maths, of course#

How will the government promote rights online? - assuming "promote" can take negative values...

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